Auto-Upload Your Android Pictures to Google+ & Dropbox Cloud Storage

Every One of us like to capture the pictures from our Smartphone and want to share with our friends and family members. But most of the time we forget to take the backup of those pictures and whenever you switched to new device or lost your device, all of our clicked pictures are lost. Today, in this guide we’ll show you how you can auto upload your clicked images on your Google+ and Dropbox cloud account. One of the simple way to take the backup of those pictures are to connect your device to the computer and save all those images on your hard drive. But this process will take some time to download and upload images from smartphone to PC. Cloud storage options are common nowadays and one of the best way to auto sync your smartphone pictures. With this way you can easily upload you pictures on your cloud account and restore them easily anytime on your device.

In this guide we let you know how you can use the Google+ and Dropbox application to take the auto backup of your pictures. Once the service is activated on your android smartphone all you clicked pictures are auto upload on your cloud account.

Backup Your Android Pictures to Google Plus and Dropbox Cloud Storage

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Auto Backup Your Android Images on Google+ and DropBox

1. Google+

Google+ is one of the most social networking site and powered with lots of features. Auto Backup is one of them, which allows you to automatically upload your android photos to Google Drive. To start auto sync your pictures, run the Google+ Application on your device and login with your Google Username and Password. At first time it will ask you to select the “Backup your Photos”. Select the option on your device and hit the Done button to start syncing the existing photos and videos on your Google+ account.

Google plus Auto Backup Images

Or you can enable this setting form the Google+ setting page, all you hvae to enable the Auto backup option on your account. After that all your pictures are stored on your Google+ account.

2. DropBox

To use this service first you have to signup a free Dropbox account, Use this link to create your Free drop-box account. Once the account is create, Download the Dropbox application on your Android device from the Google Play store. On the first screen of the application enable the Turn on the Camera upload feature to auto sync your phone image on dropbox account.

Dropbox Camera Upload

One the features is activated on your device, it simply uploads your photos in the background.

Overall, Both the cloud services are one of the best way to secure all you clicked images on cloud storage. With this way you can restore your pictures on your device from anywhere, all you need a WiFi or data connection to download those pictures on your device. Which service do you like the best? Enjoyed this article? Add us on Google+ and Like our Facebook page here.

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