Get Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, Reddit, Flickr Notification on Chrome

Chime is a new Chrome addon which allows you to get notifications from across the web: facebook, reddit, twitter, gmail, flickr, LinkedIn, Quora, Github, Stack Overflow, Foursquare and many more! In simple words we can say that chrime is all in one addon which helps you to get notification from most of the popular web services. With this way you can get notification and alerts on your chrome browser without opening the web service page on your browser. All you have to select the service form the addon you want to receive notifications for.

So no need to sign in every account to check out the update. All you have to do is install Google Chrome on your PC and install Chrime addon from Chrome web store. Install the Chime extension for Chrome and watch the magic.

After the installation you can see the new notification settings on your chrome browser, from here you can select the services you’d like Chime to retrieve notifications for. After hitting Continue, you will immediately start receiving notifications on your chrome browser.

Chrime Notification Settings

After that when you receive any notification on your accounts you can see the pop up screen on your desktop with the update. See the screenshot below for more info.

Chrime Notification on Desktop

To view all notifications in your browser, click the Chime icon next to the URL bar. You’ll see all your notifications here in chronological order. Clicking on the notification tab it will take you to that particular activity on the service.

All Notifications

One of the best chrome addon to get all notification on your browser. Select the services from the addon settings and you are ready to receive the notification for your all accounts on one window.

Download Chime From Chrome Web Store

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