How to Install Custom ROMs On OnePlus 3 Phone

We recently bought the Oneplus 3 and on the very first day we unlocked the bootloader of the Oneplus 3 and Rooted the Oneplus with the help of TWRP custom recovery. Not only this, from last few days we are testing so many Custom ROMs on our phone. There are lots of Custom ROMs are available for the Oneplus 3, and here you can find some of the best Custom ROM for Oneplus 3. All credit goes to XDA members who released so of the best ROMs for the phone. Recently we received some question from our reader that how to install the Custom ROMs on Oneplus 3 without any trouble. Most fo the newbies want to test the ROMs on their phone, but they are not confident on how to do that and what are things they need to install the Custom ROMs on Oneplus 3. So here in this tutorial, we will show you how to Install Custom ROMs On OnePlus 3 Phone.

To install custom ROMs, you need a rooted phone with TWRP recovery. And two zip files Custom ROM and Google Apps Zip file. So let us take a look how to that in an easy way to and read all the steps very carefully and don’t miss nay of the step.

Install Custom ROMs On OnePlus 3

Things you need to Install Custom ROMs On OnePlus 3

a) Oneplus 3 with Unlocked Bootloader

b) Rooted Oneplus 2 with TWRP recovery.

c) OnePlus 3 Custom ROM zip file. Download from here.

d) Gapps zip file, download here. You need this zip file to install all the latest Google App on your phone. Custom ROMS comes without these apps, so you need to flash them manually.

e) Nandroid Backup [Optional]. Nandroid backup will take the full backup of Your OS, if something goes wrong during the installation you can easily go back to previous ROM version.

f) Full backup of your data, images and all.

g) Battery Bove 60%.

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Install Custom ROMs On OnePlus 3

Step 1. Once you downloaded the Custom ROM zip file and Gapps Zip file from the above mention link. Move them on your phone’s Internal memory.

Step 2. Now reboot your phone in TWRP recovery mode. See here how to boot Oneplus 3 in recovery mode.

Step 3. Once you ar eon TWRP. Tap on Wipe > Advanced Wipe and Select Dalvik Cache, System, Data and Cache.

Oneplus 3 TWRP

Step 4. Now Select Swipe to confirm to wipe.

Step 5. Once done, Go back to the Main Screen of the TWRP Recovery. Tap on install and Browse for the Custom ROM zip file and Swipe to confirm flash.

Step 6. Once completed, browser for the Gapps file that you saved to your phone in Step 1. Swipe to confirm flash.

Step 7. Once both the file is successfully flashed on the phone. Wipe Cache/Dalvik and Reboot system.

Step 8. Now your phone will boot and first boot will take some time to make the change on your Oneplus 3.

Now the Custom ROM is successfully installed on your Oneplus 3. Enjoy!

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