Forget Facebook Password – Call Your Trusted Friends to Recover

Forget Facebook password or hacked your Facebook account, no need to worry call your Facebook Trusted Contacts/Friends for the help. A friend in need is a friend indeed is one of the popular phrase and it fits perfectly with your Facebook account. Recently Facebook introduced a new feature “Facebook Trusted Contacts“, which helps user to recover the password, if they’ve been locked out or Facebook account is compromised. The concept is simple, if in future you lost your Facebook password, then you can take the help of your Facebook friends to recover it for you. But to use this feature first you have to select the trusted contacts from your Facebook contacts list.

To activate this feature on your account you need a three friends to activate the Trusted Friends feature. But remember one thing choose those contacts which you can reach without using Facebook or you can contact them over the phone or in person. It’s very important that you pick only those friends that you truly trust. So lets take a look how this new feature “Facebook Trusted Contacts” will work on your Facebook Account and how to setup it.

Forget Facebook Password, Facebook Trusted Contacts
Facebook Trusted Contacts

How to use “Facebook Trusted Contacts” to recover forget Facebook password

Step 1. Login to your Facebook account with your username and password. Once you on the Facebook timeline, Click on the Gear icon at top right and then click on Account Settings option.

Facebook Account Settings
Facebook Account Settings

Step 2. Now from the Facebook Account settings page, click on the Security tab from the left sidebar. Now on the Security page you should see “Trusted Contact” Click edit to add your Trusted friend on the Facebook list. Or you can use this link to setup the trusted friend on your Facebook account.

Facebook Trusted Contacts Settings
Facebook Trusted Contacts Settings

Step 3. Click “Choose Trusted Contacts option” and select your 3 – 5 trusted contacts form your Facebook contact list (Choose people you trust, like friends you’d give a spare key to your house.)

Choose Trusted Contacts
Choose Trusted Contacts

Step 4.Once you setup your trusted contacts, Facebook will notify all your selected contacts, that you are selected as a trusted friends in your account to recover password in future.

Check out the Video How to Setup “Facebook Trusted Contacts” here

So in future when you Forget Facebook Password or lost your Facebook password or some hacked your Facebook account, just give a call to all your Facebook Trusted contacts and let them know you need their help to regain access to your account. So at that time each of them get a security code, that you have to enter on the Facebook recovery page to recover your account. Don’t forget to check our page how to recover hacked Facebook account and 7 Security Tips to Secure Facebook Account.

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