Repair Damaged & Corrupted Files With File Repair

Most the your important files are damage or corrupted due to virus infection or some other reason. But now you can repair these damage or corrupted files easily with File Repair App. File Repair is a free app which can repair damaged or corrupted files. It can’t fix every damaged file, but will fix most of them.

It scans the damaged file and extracts maximum data from it to a new usable file. It can fix most of file formats like Word, Excel, Zip/RAR archives, images (jpeg,gif, tiff, bmp, png), PDF, Access and PowerPoint.The best thing is that File repair is 100% free, with no ads or any kind of usage restrictions.

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Using File Repair, you can repair files got corrupted due to:

  • unexpected power failure
  • network interruption
  • virus infection
  • network sharing
  • application errors

List of the errors to be fixed:

  • file is not in a recognizable format
  • unable to read file
  • file cannot be accessed
  • application cannot open the type of file represented by filename
  • out of memory errors, or low system resources errors

Download File Repair App here

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