Download Latest Magisk Manager and Root Android [Update 2023]

A few days back one of the readers asked us What is Magisk Manager and How to Install on Android and where can we Download the latest Magisk zip and Manager APK. So here in this guide, we are covering all these topic and give you the details of why it is good to root android phone. Magisk is the alternative of Chainfire SuperSu zip file. But it’s much better than the Supersu root access. Magisk can hide root from an app entirely, which means that Google apps will not detect root access on your Android phone. And this will help you to run all the Google apps which are not working on rooted Android phones Like Netflix, Snapchat, and lots of more Android apps. This free-to-download app can bypass the Safety Net on Android, enabling apps to work even on rooted Android phones.

Magisk works system-less-ly. Which you can install the OTA updates on your rooted phone without losing the root access on your phone. The best part of this application is that it works on all the Android versions in 2023.


What is Magisk Manager?

As we already mentioned above that it’s and system-less-ly root. Which hide the root access on your Android phone and allows you run all the Google apps on your phone. As you guys know that most of companies blocked their apps on rooted phones like Netflix, Snapchat, and all other major Banking applications. Due to security reasons, they blocked their app on the rooted phones. But with the Magisk Manager, you can quickly run these applications on your rooted devices. Application like the SuperSu and Xposed Installer app. You can manage your root settings as well as install Magisk modules with Magisk Manager.

Features of Magisk App

  • 100% fully open source and easy to build!
  • Magic Mount:
    Allow you to do any system (vendor) modification without actually tampering the partitions.
  • MagiskSU: Open Source Root Solution
    Root your device with MagiskSU, based on phh’s Superuser, which is based on CM Superuser.
  • Magisk Manager:
    MagiskSU Root Management, Install / Upgrade Magisk in-app,
    Manage, Upgrade, Download, Install Magisk Modules within a few taps.
  • Magisk Hide:
    Hide Magisk from detection, including SafetyNet, which is used in Android Pay, Pokemon GO, Mario Run etc.
  • Resetprop:
    Allow you to do any modifications to system props (build.prop), including read-only props.
    It is also used for tricking the bootloader state, and (for Samsung) the KNOX state
  • Multiple Entry Points:
    Provide several entry points to developers, reliably pausing the boot process before everything is done.
    Include post-fs (cache) mode, which happens even earlier than data is mounted (used to replace Boot Animation etc.)
  • Standard Stuffs:
    Remove dm-verity, forceencrypt, unlock partitions blocks to support remount to rw

Downlkoad Magisk zip and Magisk manager apk

There are 2 Methods to root any Android phone in 2023. The first one is to install the magisk manager zip file with custom recoveries Like TWRP and Orange Fox recovery. And second method is to Patch the boot image of your Android Phone’s ROM and flash the patched image in the phone with fastboot command. Below we are sharing both methods, follow any one of them to root your Android phone in the year 2023 with magisk manager app.

Patch Boot Image And Root Android Phone

1. In this method you have to get the boot img file of your phone, here is the full guide on how to get the Boot.img of your Android.

2. Once you have the boot.img of your phone. Now you have the patch this file with Magisk manager app.

3. Now open the Magisk App from the app drawer of your phone to start the rooting process.

4. Tap on Install “Select and Patch a File.”

5. Navigate to the location where you copied boot.img file on your Android phone and select the same file to patch with the magisk app. See the screenshot below for reference.


6. Now wait for the patching process. The patched boot image (magisk_patched.img) file can be found in the “Downloads folder.”

7. Now save the Patched boot img on your computer. Now you need a PC to Flash this file on your Android Smartphone.

8. Install the ADB drivers and Platform Tool from here and set up them on your PC to follow the next steps.

9. Now open the Platform Tools folder and Open the Command Prompt window on the folder, by typing cmd on the address bar of the platform tool folder.

10. Now, reboot the bootloader menu. You can either do this by holding the power and volume down buttons while booting up, or by entering the following ADB command:

adb reboot bootloader

11. Once your phone in bootloader mode. You will now have to execute the following command in the CMD window to flash the patched init_boot.img.

fastboot flash boot magisk_patched_boot.img

10. Once the image is flashed, run the following command to reboot your phone.

fastboot reboot

11. Now the Android phone is rooted. Enjoy Rooting !!

Video Guide to Root Android

How to install Magisk With Custom Recovery and Root Android

1. Download Magisk Manager apk, Magisk zip, and Magisk uninstaller from the above mention links.

2. Now transfer all these files on your android phone internal memory and remember the location of these files.

3. Now it’s time to boot your phone in TWRP custom recovery to install the magisk and root the phone.

4. Now from the recovery select Install from the menu and select the Magisk zip.

5. Once done, reboot to System.

6. Once your phone is booted. Install the Magisk Manager apk on your phone.

7. If you are facing some problem with the application, then boot your phone in recovery and flash the Magisk uninstaller. This will remove all the magisk file from your phone.

How to use Magisk Manager on Android

Now Magisk Manager is installed on your phone. So it’s time to play with its settings and enjoy the feature of the Magisk app on your phone.

Bypass Safety Net

This feature allows you to run apps like Snapchat, Netflix, etc. ; which are blocked on the rooted phone. Als, you can get the OTA update on your phone.

Bypass Safety Net

Magisk Modules

The app has some modules also. Same like the Xposed module. You can also add a third-party developed module for your device. Its has so many modules which are useful for any rooted user like Viper4Android, Xposed, Assistant Enabler, etc. My personal favorites are Assistant Enabler, which enables the Google Assistant on rooted phones.

Magisk Modules

Magisk Hide

Hide Magisk from detection, including SafetyNet, which is used in Android Pay, Pokemon GO, Mario Run, Snapchat, Netflix, etc.

Hide Magisk

That’s all. Enjoy systemless root with Magisk manager app on your Android device. If you have any questions, then comment below.

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