How To Flash MIUI Fastboot ROM Without Mi Flash Tool: ByPass MI Flash Tool

The question that many Xiaomi users ask is whether they can flash MIUI fastboot ROM without Mi flash tool, and whether is it possible to flash rom without unlocking the bootloader xiaomi. Today, I will provide you with detailed answers to these questions so that all your doubts about MIUI fastboot flashing are cleared.

Flash MIUI Fastboot ROM Without Mi Flash Tool

Many users who use Xiaomi’s official MI flash tool to install MIUI 14 or MIUI 13 fastboot ROM on their phones often complain about Mi Flash errors and are not able to complete the installation process on their phones. We already made a video on how to fix Mi flash tool error, but today here we are providing a new method to to flash MIUI fastboot ROM without Mi flash tool.

THe method is very simple and takes 10 to 14 minutes to complete the Mi Flashing process. So read the below mention guide very carefully and follow all the steps one by one. And do take a full backup of your phone, because this process will wipe all the data from your phone.

How to flash MIUI fastboot Rom without Mi Flash tool or Error

If you facing some error in MI flash tool and don’t know how to fix those errors, then you must try this method, in this method you can Bypass MI flash tool and flash the fastboot ROM without any errors or problems. You can use this method on any Xiaomi phone like Mi Series, Redmi Series or POCO Series. This method allows you to flash MIUI 14, MIUI 13, MIUI 12, MIUi 11, or any other MIUI version fastboot rom without MI flash tool.

Requirements To Flash Xiaomi Without Mi Flash Tool

Is It Possible to Flash MIUI Rom Without Unlocking the Bootloader

This question is widely asked by Xiaomi users and they want to know the answer of this question. No, you can’t flash or install MIUI ROM on Xiaomi Phine without unlocking the bootloader.

Unlock the bootloader is required to make changes on your phone, once the bootloader is unlocked, you can flash MIUI fastboot ROM on it, even you can downgrade your Xiaomi phone.

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Where to Download MIUI Fastboot ROM

To get started you have to download the fastboot ROM for your phone. Visit Xiaomi Firmware Updater site here.

From here select your phone from the dropdown menu, choose the latest ROM and go to the download page.

Download MIUI Fastboot ROM

Now from the next page check your region, device and download the fastboot file on your Windows PC.

MIUI Fastboot ROM

Make sure you download the fastboot ROM, not the recovery ROM.

Steps to Flash MIUI Fastboot ROM Without Mi Flash Tool

1. First boot your Xiaomi phone in fastboot mode. To do this, first, turn off your phone and now press and Hold Volume Down + Power Button to boot your phone in fastboot mode.


2. Once your phone is in fastboot mode, connect to the PC or laptop with the USB cable. To start the installation process of the ROM.

3. Now time to unzip the MIUI fastboot ROM. Right-click on the MIUI fastboot ROM file, and Extract the folder with the WinRAR app on your desktop.

4. Now you will see some folders and files in the MIUI fastboot ROM folder. Now copy all these files and folders in the platform tool folder.

5. Now go to the Platform Tool folder and past all these Fastboot ROM files there to start the installation process.

platfrom tools

6. Now the final part, the phone is in fastboot mode and connected to the PC. Now from the platform-tools folder. Double-click on the “flash_all” file to start the MIUI fastboot ROM flashing process on your phone.

7. Now the MIUI Flashing process will start, After the process is complete, which may take a few minutes, your device will be automatically rebooted. However, if the reboot does not occur, you can also manually reboot your device.

After the process is complete, which may take a few minutes, your device will be automatically rebooted. This is everything you need to know about Flash MIUI Fastboot ROM Without Mi Flash Tool. Follow the tutorial as it is to successfully flash a new MIUI ROM.

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Video Guide Mi Flash Tool No More: SIMPLE Way to Flash MIUI Fastboot ROM On Xiaomi

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