Google Music Keyboard Shortcuts

Finally Google Music is out of beta, but for now it’s available only for US Google Account users. With the help of Google Music you can access your music on the web or your mobile devices. No need to sync. Google Music has hundreds of free songs and millions more to buy on Android Market. Like any other Google application, Google Music also support lots of Keybaord Shortcuts, which helps you to manage your music easily and fast.

So now with Google Music you can stream music instantly on the web and listen on your Android phone or tablet with the Google Music app, no need to sync. Just save your favorites music on your android Mobile for offline playback.

Here are the list of Google Music Keyboard shortcuts to control Google Music easily.

Space bar : play/pause music
Right arrow : next track
Left arrow : previous track
Shift+right arrow : search forward in current track
Shift+left arrow : search back in current track
Up arrow : select item above current
Down arrow : select item below current
Delete : delete track

= : volume up
: volume down
Alt+= : thumbs up
Alt+- : thumbs down
s : shuffle on/off
r : toggle repeat (off, all, and one)
p : make new playlist
i : make new instant mix from current track
e : edit current track
/ : search
? : display keyboard shortcuts

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