How To Root Android Pie 9.0 Easily [Complete Guide]

Here in this guide, we will show you to How To Root Android Pie 9.0 Easily with the Magisk manager. Many Android phone users already received the Android PIE 9 update on their phone and most of them are looking for the easy way to get the root access on the Android 9.0 PIE phone. The main purpose to root the android phone is to install the magisk modules and install some mods like google camera and all. And some user wants to install the custom ROMS customizing the whole look of the phone. Here in this guide, you will learn how you can easily Root and Android Phone which is running on the latest version of Android 9.0 PIE. This method will work on any phone which is running on the Android Pie.

To Root any phone you need a device with unlock bootloader and Custom TWRP recovery. Once all these requirements are done all you have to flash one MAgisk manager zip file on the phone to get the root access on the phone. Below you can find all the links and guide to root your android pie phone. Read all the steps very carefully and follow all of them one by one on your phone. And do take the full backup of the phone, unlock the bootloader process will wipe all the data from the phone. So take the backup of your all files and saved them in some safe place. So without wasting the time, let’s get started and Root Android Pie 9.0.

How To Root Android Pie 9.0 Easily

Complete Guide to Root Android Pie 9.0 Easily

Warning: is not responsible for any damage that might happen to your phone during this process. You’ll lose all your data upon unlocking bootloader.

The rooting process is not that easy, it takes some and some patience. So read all the steps very carefully and follow all of them one by one. One wrong step and you will brick the phone.

Why To Root Android PIE Phone

With the help of rooting you will do lots of things on your device like Install Custom Roms, improves the battery performance of your device, remove unwanted system applications, install tweaks and other modification on your device easily and enjoy a lot of free rooted application on your device.

In simple word, we can say rooting gives you the administrator-level permissions on your device and customize your device as per your need which is impossible for a normal android. Check out some other benefits of Rooting the Android phone. 

Pre-Requirements to Root Android Pie 9.0

1. Install the ADB and USB Driver on your Windows PC from here.

2. Enable USB debugging on your Android device. To do this go to your Settings -> About Phone ->  Now Tap on the Build Number 7-8 Times until you see a toast message “Developer option enabled”.

Now go back to settings -> Additional Settings -> Developer Options -> Enable the OEM Unlock by going to Settings -> Developer Option and Enable OEM Unlock and USB Debugging. See the screenshot below.

3. Install Android USB drivers, tutorial: Download USB Drivers For Windows.

Download File To Root the Android 9 phones

To successfully root Android Pie we need to download the latest version of Magisk and Magisk manager on your device. Here is the link for the same. Download Magisk manager file here and save them in your phone’s internal memory.

Steps to Root Android Pie

1. Unlock the Bootloader of Your phone.

2. Once the bootloader is unlocked, Install the custom TWRP recovery on your phone.

3. Boot your phone TWRP mode and save the magisk zip file on your phone.

4. Tap on the install button from recovery to root the phone.

Install TWRP

5. Now from the next page choose the magisk zip file.

choose the magsik zip file

6. Now to flash the file, “Swipe to Confirm Flash”

Swipe to Confirm Flash

7. Once the Zip file is successfully installed on your phone. Reboot System.

Reboot System

8. Now your phone will reboot and you will the see the Magisk app on your phone. That means your Android Pie phone is rooted successfully.

So with this simple guide, you can easily root android pie phone. If you are facing some problem with this guide then leave the comment below and we will help you to fix it up.

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