Download Any Files on Your Android From Your Computer

If you are an android phone user then you know that you can directly install the android application on your device from the Play Store while surfing the store on your computer. This feature work only on the Google play store, but to download other files or images on your mobile you have to download them first on your desktop and after that you have to move those files to your smartphone. Suppose while browsing from your desktop you found some important PDF or text files and want to save that file on your smartphone, First you have to Download that file on your PC, after that you have to connect your smartphone to the PC via USB cable and then you can move that file. That’s a long process and most of the users are looking for the easier way.

Today, in this article we will show you how you can easily download anything to your mobile from your desktop pc. To do this all you have to register an account with website and install the android app on you phone. Let’s take a look how the app works on your computer and android smartphone.

Firs visit the website here and register a free account with them. Once your account is registered with the service. Download and Install the Androdi app from the Google play store. You will find the download link of the application at the end of this guide.

Now go to your smartphone or tablet and open the application and login to app with your registered account on your device. Now you are ready to download any files on your phone directly from your computer browser.

Downiton Mobi app

Go back to your PC and open your account, now your devices (as many devices as you have) will be shown up in the list on our website. All you have to enter the link of the file into the textbox, select the target device and the DOWN-IT-ON- MOBI button. And the file will download directly on your phone.

Paste the Link

Now you will see the downloaded file on your mobile. Open the application and click on the “Show all downloads” button and here you will see all the files.

Overall, it’s a great app and easy to use. You must try this app on your device and let us know about your experience.

Download Android app here

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