Unlock BOOTLOADER in 5 Minutes on XIAOMI MediaTek Phones

Today in this guide we will show you how to unlock the bootloader of Xiaomi phones in 5 Minutes, No need to wait for 7 to 15 days to unlock the bootloader of Xiaomi phones. Generally, with the official Mi Unlock tool, you have to wait for some days to unlock the bootloader of your mobile phone, but following this guide, you can unlock the bootloader instantly, with no more wait time to unlock. But remember one thing, this guide will work only with the XIAOMI MediaTek Phones. We tested this method on our MediaTek Xiaomi phone and “Unlock BOOTLOADER in 5 Minutes”. This guide will work on Any Xiaomi Meditak Device like POCO, MI, and Redmi devices. All you have to download some files on your PC and you can unlock your phone without the hassle.

Unlock BOOTLOADER in 5 Minutes

If you are new to unlocking and want to know why to unlock the bootloader. So here is the answer to your question, to make any change on your system or to flash TWRP custom recovery or install some custom ROM on your Xiaomi phone, you need to unlock the bootloader of your phone. So unlocking bootloader has so many benefits and that’s the reason most Xiaomi users want to unlock their phones.

Requirements to Unlock BOOTLOADER in 5 Minutes

  • Windows Computer to run some files
  • USB Data Cable to connect the phone with PC
  • Xiaomi MediaTek device to unlock

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How To Unlock Xiaomi Bootloader Instantly with MediaTek Bootloader Unlock Tool

Before following the below mention guide, read all other steps very carefully and follow all of them one by one to successfully unlock the device without any problem.

Download MTK Bootloader Unlock Pack to your Windows PC here.

1. Now unzip the Unlock Zip file on your Windows desktop. Once you are in the MTK unlock tool folder, Install the MTK driver (Open the driver folder and right click cdc-acm.inf file, select Install)

2. Now go back to the main folder and install USBDK (x64 for 64 bit OS, x86 for 32 bit OS) on your PC.

3. Once both the files are installed on your Windows PC. Reboot your PC once.

4. Now switch off your Xiaomi MediaTek Phone to start the unlocking process.

5. Now from the MTK unlock a folder, run the UnlockBootloader.bat file to start the bootloader unlock process.

6. Now Connect the phone to the computer with a cable by holding the volume up button. (In case Volume up button don’t work try to Use volume up or Volume UP + Volume Down, or All three hardware buttons) while UnlockBootloader.bat is opened.

7. Once the phone will be detected you will some commands will run on the UnlockBootloader.bat file. Let the commands finish and once the window is closed. Your bootloader will be unlocked.

Check this video for info and how to unlock

You can lock your bootloader again with the same steps without wiping. Just use LockBootloader.bat with the same steps. So this way you can easily unlock the bootloader of your Xioami phone.

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