Guide to Boost LG G3 Headphone and Speaker Volume

G3 is the latest flagship model from the LG mobile, the phone comes with awesome specs and features. The phone is packed with 5.5-inch Quad HD display, lightweight metallic design, 13MP main camera with OIS (Optical Image Stabilization), laser auto-focus and dual LED flash, an amazingly smart keyboard, Snapdragon 801 quad core processor clocked at 2.46 GHz, 2/3GB RAM, 3000 mAh removable battery, a micro SD card. Most of the users already bought the phone and enjoying the feature of the device. If you own the LG G3 and feel that its headphone and speaker volume is not up to your expectations, and looking for the hack or guide to increase the volume of your LG G3 android smartphone.

Today in this tutorial we’ll show you how to boost the speaker and headphone volume of LG G3 smartphone. To apply this trick you need a rooted device. If you don’t have the rooted phone, read our guide here how to root LG G3 here and here.

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Boost LG G3 Volume

How to Boost LG G3 Volume

Once the device is rooted, you need a root file manager to make some changes on your system files. We recommend you to install the root browser on your device.

Step 1. Now run the root browser application on your phone and navigate to /system/etc directory and open it.

Step 2. Now look for the following XML file depending on your phone model:

>> mixer_paths_qcwcn.xml (D855)
>> mixer_paths.xml (D851 and other US Models)

Step 3. You have to make some changes in these files. So first take the backup of your file and save them in some safe place. In case the mod does not work for you, or you wish to restore volume value to stock later, you can copy the original files back and fix file permission.

Step 4. Now tap and hold the XML file and select Edit option.

Step 5. Change this red value to your liking

29  |   <ctl name="RX1 Digital Volume" value="65" />
30  |   <ctl name="RX2 Digital Volume" value="65" />

779 |    <path name="speaker">
780 |        <ctl name="SLIM RX1 MUX" value="AIF1_PB" />
781 |        <ctl name="SLIM_0_RX Channels" value="One" />
782 |        <ctl name="RX3 MIX1 INP1" value="RX1" />
783 |        <ctl name="RX3 Digital Volume" value="65" />
784 |        <ctl name="RX4 Digital Volume" value="65" />
785 |        <ctl name="RDAC5 MUX" value="DEM3_INV" />
786 |        <ctl name="LINEOUT1 Volume" value="22" />
787 |        <ctl name="LINEOUT3 Volume" value="22" />
788 |        <ctl name="RX3 HPF cut off" value="MIN_3DB_150Hz" />
789 |        <ctl name="SPK Amp Volume" value="3" />
790 |    </path>

854 |    <path name="headphones">
855 |        <ctl name="SLIM RX1 MUX" value="AIF1_PB" />
856 |        <ctl name="SLIM RX2 MUX" value="AIF1_PB" />
857 |        <ctl name="SLIM_0_RX Channels" value="Two" />
858 |        <ctl name="RX1 MIX1 INP1" value="RX1" />
859 |        <ctl name="RX2 MIX1 INP1" value="RX2" />
860 |        <ctl name="CLASS_H_DSM MUX" value="DSM_HPHL_RX1" />
861 |        <ctl name="HPHL DAC Switch" value="1" />
862 |        <ctl name="HPHL Volume" value="20" />
863 |        <ctl name="HPHR Volume" value="20" />
864 |        <ctl name="RX1 Digital Volume" value="65" />
865 |        <ctl name="RX2 Digital Volume" value="65" />
866 |        <ctl name="COMP1 Switch" value="1" />
867 |    </path>

998  |    <path name="speaker-and-headphones">
999  |        <path name="headphones" />
1000 |        <ctl name="COMP1 Switch" value="0" />
1001 |        <ctl name="HPHL Volume" value="15" />
1002 |        <ctl name="HPHR Volume" value="15" />
1003 |        <ctl name="RX1 Digital Volume" value="58" />
1004 |        <ctl name="RX2 Digital Volume" value="58" />
1005 |        <ctl name="RX3 MIX1 INP1" value="RX1" />
1006 |        <ctl name="RX3 MIX1 INP2" value="RX2" />
1007 |        <ctl name="RX3 Digital Volume" value="65" />
1008 |        <ctl name="RX4 Digital Volume" value="65" />
1009 |        <ctl name="RDAC5 MUX" value="DEM3_INV" />
1010 |        <ctl name="LINEOUT1 Volume" value="20" />
1011 |        <ctl name="LINEOUT3 Volume" value="20" />
1012 |        <ctl name="RX3 HPF cut off" value="MIN_3DB_150Hz" />
1013 |    </path>

Step 6. Save the new configuration, close Root Browser/Explorer app and reboot your phone.


DO NOT USE additional volume boosting tweaks/applications with this mod.
Always check the volume level before playing music, I will not be held responsible for damaged speakers or hearing impairment!


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