How To Know Your Password is Strong or Not

Strong and safe password is the first way to protect your online privacy. So always make the strong password for all your online accounts to be safe. You can check out our guide here, How to Create Strong Passwords. Most of the people are using the same password on different systems, that was the bad idea always. So always make the different password for different account’s that you use. Your password needs to be totally unique. This is to make sure that in the event that one account is hacked into, your other accounts will not be affected.

But how to know that your password that you are using is strong or not. Now you can check your password strength with the How Secure Is My Password web service. This free web service allows you to check the strength of you password, who weak you password and let you know how much time it will take to break your password. By the help of this free web service you can make strong passwords for your online activity.


The web service is free to use and it suggests to use passwords with a length of at least 16 characters. You can check the How secure is my password web service here. Generating and using a strong password is only your first line of defense against hackers. You can also use a password management tool to store your complex passwords, check out here 6 Free Ways to Track All Your Passwords.

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