How to Secure your Personal Data in iPad 2

You can store so much personal and professional information on your iPad 2, so you can access them anywhere. But what happens when it get in the wrong hands.

Therefore today we will explain you how to Secure your Personal Data in iPad 2. You can Secure you personal data with one Password and its really easy to setup. Once the password is activated, anytime you or anyone else turn on your device and move the “Slide to Unlock” button, it will ask you to enter the password. If you don,t know the password, you can,t access any app in Apple iPad 2.

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How to Turn On the Password Protection in iPad 2

1. Tap on the Settings icon.

2. Select the General option.

3. Now tap on the Passcode Lock.

The default passcode in iOS is four digits — if you would like to set an alphanumeric passcode, slide the Simple Passcode toggle to Off

4. Now Click on the Turn Passcode on and Enter a four-digit passcode, or an alphanumeric passcode of any length.

5. Re-type your passcode to confirm.

Thats it!

How to Turn Off the Password Protection in iPad 2

1. Go to Settings > General > Password Lock

2. Enter Your Password.

3. Now tap the Turn Passcode Off

4. Enter you password again to turn it off

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