Piconhand: Upload iPhone Photos To Google+

With the help of Piconhand Free iPhone App you can upload your iPhone photos to Google+ easily. It helps you to send all your iPhone pics to Picasa so you can easily see them at your Google+ Account and share them into your Google+ Circles.

Here is the Guide which will help you to Upload iPhone Photos To Google+

1. Download and Install Piconhand App from itunes Store

2. After the Installation, signup it with your Google Account.

3. Now Create a new album folder their to upload.

4: Now Click “Upload” and choose the album from your iPhone which you want to upload on your Picasa account.

5: Once the uploading is complete than go into your G+ photo library and change the Visibility to who you want to share the album with.

Thats it now you can see all you iPhone photos in your Google+ account.


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