Record Windows 8 Screen in Gif Format With GifCam App

Few Months later we mentioned about some cool screen capture application for windows and 15 Free Screen Capture Apps for MAC, which allows you take the screen shot of desktop in some cool way and has some good features. Now today we  found a portable application which helps you to record your Windows screen in Gif Format. With his way you can record any screen activity on your windows in Gif format. So no need to capture the video first and then convert it into Gif format. The application stays on top of all open programs and acts similar to a camera, recording desktop activity and turning it into frames that will be incorporated into GIF animations.

One of the easy to use application to capture the screen activity on your windows. The best thing of the application is that its a portable app, no need to install the program in your windows machine. Just download the application and start capturing the screen in Gif Format. Now no need to download and install third party Gif converter application to convert screen cast into Gif animation.

All you have to hit the Record button from the application to record the windows screen and it will start the recording process on your screen, You can also change the frame rate of recording from the Frame option of the application. All you have to hit the frame button from the application to change the frame rate of recording. The length of the screencast depends on the number of frames you capture. From the Edit tool you can modify the screencast by deleting any unwanted frames.


Another nice feature of the application is that it allows you to configure color settings of the output file, and includes option for selecting the color format among Quantize, 256 colors, 20 colors, GrayScale and Monochrome. You can select these options from the Save button drop down menu list. Once you are done with setting and frames, hit Save button from the application give the name to file and location where you want to store it.

GifCam Settings
GifCam Settings

That’s it, now your Gif file is saved on your desktop. We tested this application on our Windows 8 and it works very well. Below is the example of the file that we created on our desktop.

Gifcam Sample

It is a portable app reliable application designed to record the screen and to convert the recordings into GIF format. It also supports previous versions of Windows, including XP, Vista and 7.

Download GifCam

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