Simple Tips to Speed Up WebSite Load Time & For Better SEO

No Doubt website speed or load time matters these days. Some month back Google mentioned that it prefers to reward fast loading website sites with higher positions. So that means if you have the great content, but the loading time of your website is slow than you will lose your search engine rankings. There are plenty of reasons which affects the load time of your web site, some of them are server, CSS, JavaScript, bad coding etc. If you are a blogger or owner of some website and facing such kind of problems with your site and wants to improve the site’s performance. This infographic is for you, which gives you the detailed instruction how to increases the performance of site and what steps to taken to speedup the load time of blogs or site.

If you are the WordPress blog user then you can also see our previous article in which we share some of the best methods to improve the load time of WordPress blogs.

Increase Website Speed

The load time of a website is directly depends on your server host and HTTP requests. First and most important step that you have to follow is find the best Server host for your blog with Gzip compression to minimizes the size of browser-based HTTP responses. After that all you have to make some changes on your server to improve the performance of your site such as Optimize images, Avoid CSS Expressions, Make JavaScript and CSS External, use CDN networks etc. For more info, check out this article Best Practices for Speeding Up Your Web Site at Yahoo! Developer Network

Now let’s take look at the infographic which will explain you what step you have to follow for making web pages fast.


lthough these are only a few of the different techniques that you can use on your website or blog to speed up your site. Start with this list and you will see the difference on your web page. For more guide and tips to speed up site performance check out the Google’s Make the Web Faster page here.


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