Steps to Create Apple ID iTunes Account Without Using Credit Card Details

To download any application or games in iOS Devices you need an Apple ID iTunes Account. Without Apple ID account you can access the iTunes store and not even to download any application on your iPhone or iPad. To create a new account on iTunes Store you need a valid Credit Card. But if you don’t want to use your credit card or don’t have the credit card to create an account. Then here is a detailed guide which you can follow on your Desktop to create a iTunes Account without Credit card.

To get started all you need a iTunes application installed on your Windows or MAC machine. Lets take a look how to setup your iTunes Apple ID account without using your bank C-card.

iTunes Account Without  Credit Card

How to Create Apple ID without Credit Card

1. Download and install the latest version on iTunes on your Window or MAC here.

2. Once the iTunes is installed, run the application on your desktop and go to the iTunes store located at top right of the window.

3. Now Click on the App store tab from the iTunes Store page.

iTunes App Store

4. Now From the apps store, Scroll down to “Top free apps” located in the right column and select any free application to install.

ITunes Free Apps

5. Once you try to install the application on iTunes a new popup will appear on your screen and ask you to enter the Apple ID detail and Password. Form here click on the “Create New ID” button.


6. From the next page accepts the Itunes Terms and Conditions, now enter your details to create your account and hit the Continue button .

Provide Apple ID Details

7. This is the main step. Select “None” for the payment method. And enter all your detail like Address, City, Pincode and Phone number to complete the process.

Itunes Payment Method

That’s it, Now you will receive the verification email on your account. Go to your inbox and click on “Verify now” to verify your Apple ID account.

Video:- Create iTunes Apple ID account without Credit Card

Now you free iTunes account is set up and you can now download apps and games on your iOS devices.

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