How to Unlock Bootloader on OnePlus 6 [Easy Way]

OnePlus 6 smartphone is the new successor of Oneplus 5 and Oneplus 5T. The new phone comes with new design and packed with some new features which you can enjoy on your android smartphone. Oneplus 6 comes with edge-to-edge display and looks very premium with the glass design and metal unibody featured on other oneplus phones. Many Oneplus fans waiting for this device and want to test the new features on the phone. But some of them want to Unlock Bootloader on OnePlus 6, to get the root access on the phone and install custom Recovery. So here in the guide, we will let you know how to unlock bootloader on OnePlus 6 smartphone in an easy way. Now you can unlock bootloader easily by following this simple guide on How to Unlock Bootloader on OnePlus 6.

Unlocking Bootloader on Oneplus 6 will void the warranty on your phone, but you can claim the warranty again by re=locking the bootloader of Oneplus 6. Locking and Unlocking bootloader on OnePlus 6 is not so difficult and one the easy way to do it. All the android phone comes with the bootloader locked, and to install the Custom ROM or install TWRP you have to unlock the bootloader of the Android Smartphone.


You can do this easily with some fastboot commands and below are the steps which you can use on your phone and unlock the device. The guide is pretty simple and one of the fastest way to unlock the bootloader of Oneplus 6.

Guide to Unlock Bootloader on OnePlus 6

This guide is only for the Oneplus 6 users and don’t apply this method to any other android phone. Unlocking bootloader will wipe all the data from the phone. So do take the backup of your Oneplus phone.

Warning: is not responsible for any damage that might happen to your phone during this process. You’ll lose all your data upon unlocking bootloader.

Read all the steps very carefully and follow all of them one by one. One wrong step and you will brick the phone. You can follow the pre-requisite given below to unlock the bootloader.

Why Unlock Bootloader

If you are new to android devices and don’t about the bootloader. A Bootloader is a code which runs when we turn on our device. And this help to load the kernel sources, ramdisk and other processes on the phones. Same as the Laptop and computer which you use in your home or office. So if you want to make some change on your system then you need to unlock the bootloader. Without unlocking the bootloader you can’t root the device, not even install the custom ROM or Custom recovery. That’s the main reason manufactured lock the bootloader of the phone and they don’t want you to install the custom ROM on your phone and want you to stick with the Stock ROM. But unlocking the bootloader will give you the whole access of the system and you can easily customize your device.

Pre-requisite to Unlock Bootloader

  1. This tutorial is only for OnePlus 6 users.
  2. You need Laptop or PC to run some fastboot commands
  3. Working USB Cable to connect your phone to the PC
  4. Charge your phone to at least 70%
  5. Make sure that you have latest OnePlus USB drivers installed.
  6. Download and install the ADB Fastboot drivers here and you will see the ADB folder on your ADB drive (C:/ADB).
  7. Take a complete backup of your phone and then proceed.

Step to Unlock Bootloader of Oneplus 6

1. 1. First of all, enable the Developer Option. To do this go to your Settings -> About -> Software Information -> More -> Now Tap on the Build Number 7-8 Times until you see a toast message “Developer option enabled”.

2. Now go back to settings -> Enable the OEM Unlock by going to Settings -> Developer Option and Enable OEM Unlock and USB Debugging. See the screen shot below.


3. Now Turn the phone off. Then boot Oneplus 6 in fastboot mode. To do this hold volume up + power together and your phone will boot in fastboot mode.


4. Now your phone in fastboot mode. Connect your phone to the PC with USB cable.

5. Now open the ADB folder on your windows and press and hold ‘shift’ key and right-clicked anywhere in the folder and select ‘Open command window here.’


6. Check your fastboot connection by issuing this command:

fastboot devices

7. If the phone has been recognized by the command above, proceed to unlocking the bootloader with the following command.

fastboot oem unlock


Remember that this step will wipe EVERYTHING off the phone

8. Now you will see Unlock Bootloader Warning page on your phone screen, Hit the Vol button to select Yes and turn it Blue and Hit the Power Button to Execute the selection. Now this will unlock the bootloader of your Oneplus 6 phone

9. Now your device will reboot. If it doesn’t boot automatically then enter the following command to reboot your OnePlus 6.

fastboot reboot

10. The phone will reboot. Wait until the phone has fully booted up into Android, and enjoy!

So with these simple steps, you can easily unlock the bootloader of your new Oneplus 5 android phone. If you need some help or stuck with some problem, you can always contact us below in the comments

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