Use DropBox To Find Your Stolen Computer / Laptop

Do you know that you can use your Dropbox cloud account to track your stolen or lost computer/Laptop. Yes you can do this easily with your Dropbox. There are so many ways to track the stolen laptop, or free applications to find your lost Android Mobile Phone or even to recover your stolen Digital Camera. But this new Dropbox is simple to use no need to install any other third party stolen or tracker app on your device, all you need a Dropbox account to find the lost laptop. Thanks to Hack College folks who comes with the new hack, which helps you to track you stolen laptop from your Dropbox account.

To use this hack all you need a dropbox account and Dropbox app installed on your laptop. So if both the things are ready on your laptop or computer then you are able to track your Laptop. So next time when you lost your laptop, all you have to login your Dropbox account and you can track the location of your Laptop easily. Below is the guide which helps you to locate the stolen laptop from your Dropbox account.

Use DropBox To Find Your Stolen Computer Laptop
Use DropBox To Find Your Stolen Computer Laptop

How to Find Your Stolen Computer With Dropbox

Step 1. As we mention above that to use this hack you need a dropbox account, So go to Dropbox website sign up for a free account and download the Dropbox application on your Computer or laptop. once the download is complete, run the installer file and complete the installation process with your Dropbox User id and password.

Step 2. Now the Dropbox is installed on your laptop, so if in future you lots your Laptop or stolen by some one. You can use your dropbox account to find the location of your stolen laptop.

Step 3. Now comes to the final part, go to the dropbox website and login with the your user ID and password. From here you can restore all your files that you saved on your laptop Dropbox folder and also find the location of your lost laptop. To do this go the Settings option of your Account, see the screenshot below:-

DropBox Account Settings
DropBox Account Settings

Step 4. Now this will open a settings page on your browser window. From here select the Security tab, here you’ll find a list of devices linked with your account. Identify the stolen device from this list and move your cursor over the blue icon next to your device name. Here you can see the IP Address of last activity. If your stolen laptop is connected with the internet, then here you can see the IP address of the stolen person and you can track that IP address with online IP tracker application from the Google.

Find Your Stolen Computer
Find Your Stolen Computer

With this way you can find the current location of your Laptop and you can identify where the thief is using your stolen property. Looking For more How To guide and Tip, Click here !

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  1. Good hack but it’s not certain your find it.
    You cant do much with an IP address it won’t link you to a house number.
    Your need other authoritys help and an ISP won’t pass on an address unless to the police.
    Also if you have a password to log on your laptop Dropbox won’t start till the user or theif logs on.

  2. Good trick. But, what if the person who has stolen has formatted system before using Dropbox ?

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