11 Useful Windows Keyboard Shortcuts to Increase Your Productivity [Infographic]

Did you know that with the help of Keyboard shortcuts you will complete your work faster and save lots of time. If you are windows users and most of time you are doing your work on windows PC, here are some of the useful windows keyboard shortcuts infographic, which allows you to increase your navigation speed and your productivity. In our previous articles we mention about lots of Windows 8 Key board shortcuts which you will use on your Windows PC. But there are several more useful shortcuts which you will use on your system.

With these keyboard shortcuts you can easily do lots of important task in a seconds like open new tab, switch between browser tabs, edit your text in much easier way, move the cursor from one word to another without using your windows mouse, lock the windows, minimize windows, launch task manager and more. All the following shortcuts are easy to use and doesn’t require any third-party application or ad-don to use them on your windows PC. We tested all these shortcuts on our Windows 8 machine and all of them works without any problem.

Windows keyboard-shortcuts

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If you want to change the replace the keyboard useless key with some other keys, then read our guide here how to replace Keyboard keys.

So lets take a look about these keyboard shortcuts, This infographic will teach you time-saving computer tricks.


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