5 Online Sites To Create Awesome Infographics

Few years back, no one knows about Infographics, now these days they are so popular that most of the media houses, companies, brands are using them to market their product. With the helps of Infographics you can present information in a compact and creative format. One of the best way to present your message or data other than a stand alone written article or photo. Most of the online marketers and social media companies are submitting unique infographics to the web to promote their brands and products.

If you are looking for the way to create your Own Info graphics and want to share that on the web, but don’t know how to create or don’t know how to create these colorful and appealing infographics. Don’t worry, Now anyone with a data set can build an infographic. Today in this article, we’re listing 5 free online websites to create free infographics and present your message in a very appealing and colorful way. To use this website you don’t require any Photoshop skills or any other kind of third party application. All you need a data or message that you want to present through the infographics.

Tools to Create Your Own Infographics

1. Infogr.am


Infogr.am is one of the most famous site on the web to create free colorful Infographics. The website has created 800,000+ infographic till date and one of the most used site to create free infographics. All you hvae to choose the template and enter all your message and data one by one, you can also add your charts, pictures, maps, text etc. Once you are done with all your messages and charts, you will download files in PNG or PDF format. One of our favorite online infographics editor with lots of features.

2. Piktochart

Piktochart Infographics Editor
Piktochart Infographics Editor

Piktochart helps you to create infographics in 3 easy steps. Select the theme from the website library for you chart, customize and publish. The website gives you access to a WYSIWYG editor that helps you to drag and drop elements to create an infographic. You will also use lots of icons, vectors, images and chart exporter. Once you are done with your chart hit the sport button to save the file son your desktop.

3. Vizualize.me


Allows you to create your online resume in very beautiful way. With the help of this online editor you will present your resume in a very pleasing, professional way using visual charts. Here you will use your linkedin Profile to add all you professional information on the chart.

4. Visual.ly


Another most popular online infographic editor powered with lots of new features. A huge gallery of the templates and themes, from which you can choose you favorite template and start creating your infographic. If you are still confused and don’t know how to start then you will use the market place of the site, from which you can hire some professional designer to create a infographic for you.

5. Google Charts

Google Charts
Google Charts

Google has also the online editor which allows you to create interactive charts. Provides several tools for making data more comprehensible. Easy to use and with lots of features such as Rich gallery, cross platform portability, new controls and dashboards.

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