Access Windows 8.1 Hidden Features With God Mode

God mode is one of the most easy way to access all Windows Hidden features at one place. With the help of God mode you can access lots of features and functions of the operating system. If you are the Windows 8.1 user and spent most of your time to tweak and tune you system settings, then God mode is really for you. With this hidden trick you can easily manage your system from a single place. Today, in this guide we will show you the trick great that will allow you to have all the options to control your PC with Windows 8.1. This trick will work on all the windows platform like Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 8 RT, Windows 7, Windows Vista and others.

The trick is so simple and takes a few seconds to implement on your Windows system. All you have to create a new folder on your desktop and rename it. Once the Godmode folder is created, you can see all the windows 8.1 hidden features at one place. From here you can do lots of changes and apply tweaks on your system. Let’s take a look how to activate God Mode on Windows:

Windows God Mode

Activate God Mode on Windows

Go to you desktop screen and right-click on the blank space of your desktop and Right-click in Windows Explorer, select New, then click Folder. This will create the “New Folder” on your desktop.

Create New Folder on Desktop

Once the new Folder is created on the Desktop. Rename the folder by pasting the name below exactly as it appears:


Rename Folder with GodMode command

Note:- If you want to change the name of the Icon other than to Godmode, You can name it whatever you want, I just use “GodMode” in this tutorial.

Once the folder is renamed, you will see the new icon on the folder. The folder icon is changed to the Control Panel icon. See the screenshot below:-

GodMode Icon

Double click on the Godmode icons and you will see the huge list of tweaks and tools on the windows screen like change display settings, Add printer, change mouse pointers etc. See the screenshot below for more tweaks.

Windows GodMode Screen

That’s it. You now have God Mode on Windows activated.

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