Add Gangnam Style Like Fancy Emoticons on Facebook Chat

Some Moths back i showed you how to add images on Facebook chat and Fancy symbol on Facebook status. Today we come again with a new website, which allows you to add Fancy Emoticons on your Facebook chat. With this way you can surprise your chat friends to show them some cool emotions.The website has the huge list of fancy emoticon like Gangnam style, Talk to the hand, Grim Reaper and more. If you frequently use Facebook chat with friends like me, then its time to impress your friends by adding ultra-fancy emoticons to your messages.

Facebook Chat Emotions

No need to install any addon or application on your PC. All you have to add a simple test code on your Facebook chat to add emotions symbols on Facebook chat window. You can use the same code to send message to your friend, after that you and your friend will see it inside the message. We tested most of these codes on our Facebook account and all of them are working fine and looks cool on the Facebook chat window.

Lets start how to add fancy emoticon on your Facebook chat windows and messages. As we mention above no need to install any program on your Windows or MAC to use these emoticons. Just visit Facebook symbols and emoticons web page to find the code. You can find the link of the website in the end of the post. On the web page you can see lots of Fancy emoticons. To use any of these in your chats, simply click inside the Field below the image. Not copy the code by pressing Ctrl-C on your Windows PC.

Facebook Chat Emoticons
Facebook Chat Emoticons

Now login to your Facebook and start a chat with your friends, then paste the code by pressing Ctrl-V into to Facebook chat window. Hit Enter and presto: There’s your fancy image. Simple. The website has the huge list of symbol, emotion and love quotes.

So if you are bored with the default Facebook smiley, then try this website to add some extra spice on your Facebook and messages. So what are you waiting for go the website and add some extra fancy symbols on your Facebook. Looking for more Facebook Tips, Click Here

Visit – Facebook Symbols And Chat Emoticons

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