Add Mac OS X Lion Launchpad on Windows with WinLaunch App

MAC OS X Lion And Windows are two different OS with different features. Most of the Windows users like the UI of MAC OS and want to change the Windows look to MAC. On the web you can find lots of guide and application which gives you the ability to change the look of your windows desktop in to MAC OS. Launchpad in MAC is one of the best feature which you can use to launch you favorite application in much simple way. If you are windows users and looking for the same way on your desktop, than you have to try the free application called WinLaunch.

WinLaunch app is available for Windows Vista, 7 or 8 and free to download. It’s freeware software that replicates the Mac OS X Lion Launchpad on Windows. All you have to install this simple application on your windows system and after that you can enjoy the MAC launchpad look on your desktop. With the help of this launcher you can open you favorite apps directly from desktop and add or remove apps from the launcher easily too.

How to Use Mac OS X Lion Launchpad on Windows

Visit the WinLaunch website here and download the zip package on your desktop. One the files is downloaded on your desktop, extract the folder on your desktop. Open the unzipped WinLaunch folder, and then click on either the 32 bit X86 or 64 bit X64 folder and install the app on your system.

Now all you have to add the application on the launcher, to do this Press the F shortcut key to drag app shortcuts to it with WinLaunch in window mode. Here you can add all you favorites application which you want to use in the launcher.


From the settings option of the page you can change the background color of the launch or you can select any theme for the launcher. One you are done close he application and pin it on your desktop to get started.


Now whenever you click on the launcher button on your desktop you will see all the application on the launcher same like the MAC OS way. See the screenshot below:-

Laucnhers Folders

That’s it, Now you will enjoy the MAC launchers on your Window desktop.

Download Win Launch App here

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