How to Customize Navigation Buttons on LG G3 Smartphone

No Doubt android OS gives you the more option to customize the look of your device with some applications and tweaks. but now these days manufacturer of all the latest smartphones are also adding some cool features on the device which you can use on your phone to customize the look as per your need. Recently LG mobile added a new feature called “Button Combination” on the LG G3 android smartphone. With the help of this new feature you can easily change the look of the the navigation button and customize them too. The phone come with the default button layout of Back-Home-Recent Apps, but you can tweak the layout of it or add new buttons to quickly complete other tasks.

The process is very simple and no need to install any application on the phone, all you hvae to make some changes on the settings of the phone and you can see the new navigation layout on LG G3.

LG G3 Tip

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Here’s how to customize navigation buttons on LG G3

Step 1. Go to the LG G3 Settings (Device tab) >> Home touch buttons >> Button combination. See the screenshot below:-


Step 2. In the button combination setting you add more button on your navigation key. All you have to drag and drop the key on the navigation panel. If you want, you can also re-arrange the buttons to better fit your own needs. Note: You can only add up to two extra buttons, so you’ll have to compromise.


Step 3. Not only this you can also change the background color of Navigation keys. Go to Settings >> Home touch buttons >> Color.


As soon as you choose a different color, the background will change, so you can easily pick what works best for you. With this way you can easily change the color and button layout of Navigation keys of LG G3 Android Smartphone.

Check out the video demo below:-


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