Customize & Tweak FaceBook With Better Facebook Addon

Better Facebook is addon and user script for Firefox, Chrome, Safari or Opera, which allows you to tweak the functionality of Facebook. Tabbed news feeds, advanced feed filters, hide read posts, highlight new comments, static header bar, enhanced navigation, friend tracker, expand similar posts, custom CSS.

If you are Facebook user and want to improve your Facebook experience, than try this add-on. It’s very efficient and easy to use and its free.

Here are some Features of Better Facebook Addon

1. Tabbed News Feeds:- It Bring tabs to your news feed! Posts can be moved to tabs to group and classify them for easier reading.

2. Themes and Skins:- With this free addon you can customize your Facebook experience by changing the colors, layout, styles, and images used.

3. Remove “RECENT ACTIVITY” From Your Profile:- It also remove the “RECENT ACTIVITY” from your proifile, so you can keep your profile clean and your random Facebook activity private!

4. Enlarge Thumbnails On Hover:-

5. Highlight New Comments:- It also Highlight the New Comments, so you can easily read the new commnets.

6. Friend Tracker :- With the help of friends tracker you easily which friends unfriends you. The Friend Tracker panel on the right side will alert you to anyone you are no longer friends with, and give you a link to their profile.

7. Show Friend Activity:- It helps you to track your friends activity, if you want to know when your friends change their profile information like favorite quotes, employer info, contact information, etc, the Friend Activity panel will help you on this.

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Download Better Facebook Addon Here

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