How to video chat with facetime in iPad 2

As all of you know that you can make face to face phone calls with iPad 2 twin cameras. So today here we discuss about How to video chat with Facetime in iPad 2, so this will help you setup you iPad 2 for Facetime video chat. Don,t worry, its really easy to use all you have to do is create a Apple ID if you don,t have one.

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So here is the Guide which will help you to How to video chat with facetime in iPad 2:-

1. Start the Facetime and Sign in with you Apple ID, if you don,t have than create a new one.

2. Confirm your details, contact name, Apple ID and all.

3. Now Build your Address Book, Just Tap the + Button in the top right corner to enter the contact Details of your friends.

4. After this you are ready to make a call. Just tap a name from your address book, a call request immediately sent to your friend. It he is online and accept the call your Facetime video chat will then befin.

5. As default, the front facing camera will be on during a call so you can see each other. If you want to switch to the back lens, just tap the camera switch icon. Thats it !!!!

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