Get Twitter Mentions, DM Notifications on Chrome Browser

If you are a twitter user and using chrome browser on your PC, now you can get Twitter notification on chrome browser with Notifications for Twitter Addon. With the help of this new Chrome addon you can receive notification of new tweets in your timeline, new Direct Messages, @mentions and more. This extension will notify you every time something happens on Twitter with your following list.

You can see all these notification on the top right corner of your Chrome browser. There you can see the new speech bubble next to the URL bar that changes color when you get the notification from twitter and allows you to quickly post a tweet as well. Currently the addon is only available for chrome browser and you can download it from Chrome web store.

How to add Twitter Notification On Chrome Browser

First all you have to do is install the Notifications for Twitter addon on your chrome browser and after that you have to authorize the extension to connect with your account. Click the icon from the top corner and authorize your twitter account with the addon. After the authorization process is complete, you will get the PIN number to get started. Now again click on the Notification icon from the chrome browser and enter the PIN to complete the authorization process.

Twitter Pin

Now enter the pin number in the box and you are ready to go. You can also customize the notification settings through the option menu. Here you can select what activity you would like to receive notifications for. Also change the icon color as per the notification.

Twitter Notification Settings

Now you have completed the setup process and ready to receive the notification on your chrome browser. Every time when you receive DM or mentions you will see a new popup on you screen. From here you quickly reply to those tweets without opening twitter on browser.

Twitter Notification

One of the best chrome addon for twitter users, with the help of this free addon you can get notification on your chrome without opening a twitter page on your browser.

Download Notifications for Twitter Addon

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