Google Chromebook 10 Missing features

Recently Google launched their new product Google Chromebook, Google Chromebook is a notebook build on the chromium OS from Google. Chromebooks are built and optimized for the web, so you get a faster, simpler and more secure experience without all the headaches of ordinary computers. If you are planning to buy Google Chromebook and want to replace it with iPad or your notebook, than you have to look about these missing features in Google Chromebook.

1. Can’t connect to Wi-Fi networks requiring a certificate:- Google is working on adding support for Wi-Fi networks that use security certificates.

2. NetFlix:-With Netfilx you can Watch TV Shows & Movies Online, but Netflix is not supported Google Chromebook. That means you won’t be able to enjoy your Netflix movies on Chromebook.

3. Can’t change photo for accounts:- The photo for user accounts on the Chrome notebook is set during the initial set-up. Currently, it’s not possible to change the photo of the owner account after it’s been set.

4. Bluetooth:- Google Chromebook doesn’t support Bluetooth now. So you can not use Bluetooth headset or mouse with it.

5. Can’t scroll horizontally using two fingers on the touchpad:- This feature is not supported till now with Google ChromeBook.

6. SD card or USB drive:- Did not support these features right now. So you can,t use USB drives and SD card with Google Chromebook.

7. GPS:- While the Cr-48’s hardware has GPS capability, but Google Chromebook do not currently support this feature. So forget about Facebook check-ins and location-based tweets.

8. Adjust volume or mute device:- This is a known issue and they are working on fixing it. So till now you can Mute or Adjust volume in Chromebook.

9. Website or app can’t access webcam:- The version of Flash supported by Chrome OS does not contain camera support. Therefore, websites or web apps that use Flash won’t be able to activate the webcam on your Chrome notebook. They working on improving this experience.

10. Can’t use Java:- Java is currently not supported, so forget about websites that uses java or run java applets.

All the above feature are not working till now on Google Chromebook, and Google is working on this to improve these features.

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