Hack Google Chrome to Compose Email Directly From Address Bar

There is no doubt that Google chrome is one of the best and popular browser with lots of feature and chrome addon. In Google Chrome web store you will find lots off app which you can use on your Google chrome browser and also find some of the best themes to customize the look of your Google chrome browser. Today in this pose we will share a new hack, which allows you to compose emails from the Chrome omnibox (address bar). The credit for discovering this new hack goes to Quora member Abhishek Gupta, Lead UX Designer at Lumosity. To apply this hack on your Chrome browser all you have to make some change’s on your browser setting page and the guide is simple and easy and doesn’t take so much time to apply this hack.

Google Chrome Hack and Tips

We tested this hack on our browser to open compose Gmail email from the address bar and the trick works without any problem. In this guide we are using our Gmail email to open the compose message from address bar. To setup Gmail on your address bar, first setup mailto: links (like admin@google.com) will open using Gmail, instead of a native mail client like Outlook or Thunderbird.

How to open email (mailto) links in Gmail

1. Open your Gmail in Chrome. And login with your user ID and password.

2. On the right side of your chrome browser address bar you will see the protocol handler icon(it looks like double diamonds and is next to the star).

3. Click on the icons and Select ‘Use Gmail’. See the Screenshot below:-

open email (mailto) links in Gmail

Once the email (mailto) links are setup on your Google chrome browser, then follow the below mention guide to compose Email directly from address bar.

Step 1. Open the Google Chrome browser setting page or type this url on your address bar chrome://settings/.

Step 2. On the setting page find the “Search” option. Under ‘Search’ section click on the “Manage Search Engines” button.

Chrome Browser Search Settings
Chrome Browser Search Settings

Step 3. Here create a new row called ‘Email Compose‘ Use the keyword ‘e‘ Use this query in the third box ‘mailto:?subject=%s‘ And Hit the Done button.

Manage Search Engines

Step 4. Now go back to your Chrome addres bar and type ‘e’ and a spacebar in the omnibox (Address bar), it will turn solid.

Google Chrome Hack

Step 5. Whatever you type next will become a part of the subject of the email. Hit the enter and now the compose windows will open on your browser with the Subject line (if you are already signed in). See the screenshot below:-

Gmail Compose Window

Using this hack from last one week and one of the best and fastest way to compose Gmail emails without opening the Gmail page on the browser. Looking for more GMail tips and Gogole chrome tip. Check out our Gmail section and Google Chrome section here. Know any great Chrome hacks? Let us know! Leave a comment below.

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