How to Backup all Google Docs files

I am the big fan of google docs, but some time am worried about my files. But lets not forget but happens gmail some months back, most of the user lost their mail and files. So Backup is the on of the safest ways to save all your Google Docs. So today here we will discuss how to Backup all your Google Docs. You can do this with 2 simple methods, check the tutorial below How to Backup Google Docs files.


1. Go to your Google Docs home.

2. Select document title and select Actions > Download > All Items.

3. Select the file types, and hit “Download.”


Or you can use GDocBackup app, gdocbackup is such an application that will let you download all the files in one shot. It is supported in Windows, Linux and Mac operating systems.

Usage of the backup software has been simplified. All that needs to be done is to enter the username and password of the Google Docs account and to select a directory on the local computer where the data should be downloaded to.

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