Lock & Unlock Mac Screen With USB Screen Lock

Recently we covered a article in which we mention about how you can use USB Drive as login key for your Windows PC. Now today we come with the new app for Mac USB Screen Lock. With this app you can Lock and Unlock your MAC screen with your personal USB drive. This way you can add more security to your Macbook or MACs. No need to open any app or windows to lock or unlock your MAC screen, all you have to remove or plug the USB drive to lock and unlock the screen.

Lock & Unlock Mac Screen With USB Screen Lock

USB Screen Lock helps you to add more security to you mac. All you have to run the app once on your USB and set the password for the USB so you can use it as a key. To unlock your Mac, you must insert the USB and then enter the password (if configured) to get to your desktop.

With the ‘Preferences’ window of the USB Screen Lock app you will be able to set up a user password. That password will be required to unlock your screen, after the USB is mounted. Is simple to use just run the app on you mac and setup the password, Type and confirm your password, then click the ‘Password’ button to set it.

USB Screen Lock

Now next time when you remove the USB drive from you MAC, USB Screen Lock will lock your screen. To unlock the lock screen of you Mac, all you have to connect the same USB drive again and enter the password that you set for the USB. Simple or you can use the app with out the password protection, in this way you have to plug the same USB on the macbook to unlock the screen. But to use this method you don’t have to set the password on USB for USB Screen Lock .

The app is one of the best to lock you mac screen with a USB, you can download the app for iTunes store. But the app in not free to use this app you have to pay $0.99.

Download USB Screen Lock

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