3 Best Sites to Make Awesome Animated GIFs Online

Creating Animated GIFs is not so hard, no need to use professional image editor or any other advanced application to make awesome animated GIFs. These days small animated GIFs are more popular than images and videos. And you can find lots of Animated GIFs site on the internet. GIFs are one of the best way to show your multiple pictures or small video clip as your avatar or a funny photo sequence to your friends. There are lots of online web services which allows you to make awesome animated GIFs online, yes you can use all these services free of cost and most them are easy to use. All you hvae upload your pictures on the web service and your animated GIFs will be ready in few minutes.

We have found lots of free web services which will help you to create animated GIFs online, we tested most of them. Below are the list of some of the Best Sites to Make Awesome Animated GIFs Online. All the web services are free to use and helps you to create GIFs from your pictures, video, or YouTube video. So lets take a look three free tools we’ve tried and tested.

1. GIFSoup

Make Awesome Animated GIFs Online

A free online tool to create Animated GIF from YouTube Videos. All you have to create a free account with them and you are ready to go. Once the Account is created with the website, paste the YouTube URL on the Address bar of the app. After that you have to set the start and end time of the GIF from the Web screen, remember you can create only 10 sec GIF online. To create gifs up to 30 seconds and also gain access to all editor tools you have to upgrade your account to paid version.

Animated GIF start and end time
Animated GIF start and end time

After that hit the “Generate Animated GIF” button from the web app and this will create a Animated GIF from your YouTube video, Simple.

2. Gifninja


A nice online tool with a clean look to create Free GIFs online with your personal image or videos. No need to create a account with the web app, Just visit the web site and upload your Pictures or video on the tool. Once the media files are uploaded on the web server, all you have to select the speed of the Animation, the best part of the web app is that you can see the preview of your animation on the same page before creating it. Once the speed of the animation is set, hit the Built it button form the page. Now you can download your Animated GIF on your desktop or you can share the link of your GIF with your friends.

3. LooGix


Another Free online GIF web app allows you to make GIFs from a minimum of two frames to a maximum of 10. The process is simple and easy to use, upload all your Pictures form your desktop and set the size of the animation and speed of the animation. Once the GIF is created you can share it on your Social Profile like Google+, Facebook, twitter and more.

All the above mention web service are free to use, so just visit them and create free Animated GIFs online without any desktop tool or application and show off to your friends. Looking for more Best Website and online free services, click here!

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