Open Blocked Facebook Easily

Facebook is one of the most famous social networking site these days used by so many users. But most of the companies, schools, colleges and countries blocked Facebook, so you cannot access the Facebook from there. If you are addicted in Facebook like us and want to gain access the blocked Facebook. Do not worry in this article we will help you how to access Facebook when it is Blocked in your office or college.

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Open Blocked Facebook easily Using IP Address

One of the easiest and fasted method to access Blocked Facebook, to do this you have to know the IP address of site. Because most of the time your college or companies admin blocked the Facebook from the Windows host file. So putting IP address in your browser directly, will bypass the barricade of windows host file.

To get the IP address of Facebook, go to your Computer Run command box and put the following command and hit Enter.

ping -t

Facebook IP Address
Facebook IP Address

Now you can see the IP address of the Facebook, as shown in the above image. Just enter the IP address in the browser address and hit enter to access the Facebook.

Open Blocked Facebook by DNS server

If the above method will now work for you, than you have to try to change the settings of your DNS Server. You can use OpenDNS servers or Google Public DNS servers. To do this go to the Control Panel > Network and Internet Connections > Network Connections and right click on connection you are using and click again on Properties and then TCP/IP.

Open Blocked Facebook by DNS server
Open Blocked Facebook by DNS server

Now use any of these DNS Server Address:– ,
or ,

Update Facebook Via Email When it is Blocked

This one is last method which allows you to update your Facebook status easily from your mail account. With this trick you can upload images, videos and update your Facebook status by email. Read here How To Update Facebook Via Email

So these are the solutions which help you to access the blocked Facebook account easily, all of them are tested by us and working fine for us. If you know any other nice trick to open Facebook when it is blocked? Let us know via comments.

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