How to Get Faster OxygenOS Update in OnePlus 6/5T/5/3T/3

A few days back Oneplus released a statement that OnePlus will provide 2 years of software updates for all phones going forward. Not only this they also announced that the Open Beta program for the 3 and 3T will be ending this week, and at the beginning of July, the oneplus team will provide a stable version of OnePlus 3/3T for beta testers to migrate back to the stable version of OxygenOS. But the worse part is to wait for the OTA updates. The OTA updates released in the batches and some region will get this update soon and some of them have to wait for 10 to 20 days. And the worst part is that your OEM doesn’t support your country and you will not get updates. So today here in this guide we will let you know How to get Faster OxygenOS Update in OnePlus 6/5T/5/3T/3 (OnePlus 6, OnePlus 5T, OnePlus 5, OnePlus 3T, or OnePlus 3)

If you are big Fan of the Oneplus phone and you bought this phone from another country, then OxygenOS updates are sometimes delayed by quite a bit here. At this time sometime you will not get the regular updates of the Latest OxygenOS. And most of you have to search for the OXygenOS full ROM links and flash them manually on your phone. This happened to most of my friends who imported the phone from the U.S. store and the manufacturer is not supporting their country. Every time all of my friend use the VPN services to get the Updates and sometimes they have to flash it Manually with ADB sideload method.

OxygenOS Update in OnePlus

In our previous guides, we posted so many methods to update your OnePlus phone manually. Here are some of them for your reference. OxygenOS 5.1.7 Released for Oneplus 6 Phone [Download Now], Download OxygenOS 5.1.0 For OnePlus 5/5T With Android 8.1 Oreo [Official], Download OxygenOS 5.0 for Oneplus 3 and 3T [ Android 8 Oreo ]. So let’s take a look at how we get the faster updates on the Oneplus phone. This guide is only for the Oneplus users and don’t apply on any other phones.

Download Oxygen Updater for the OnePlus phone

To get the faster updates on your phone all you have to do is install the free application called Oxygen Updater from Google Play store. The app is free to download and will help you to get the OxygenOS updated for your phone. This app will work on all oneplus phones like OnePlus 6, OnePlus 5T, OnePlus 5, OnePlus 3T, or OnePlus 3.

The app is not made by Oneplus and nothing is related to the Oneplus company. This is third party tool to get the faster OxygenOS updates on Oneplus devices. The concept of this app is pretty simple: you select your device and the app checks whether an update is available for your phone or note. If available it will install the same on your phone.


Link To Download Oxygen Updater from Google Play store

Open the link and install it on your any OnePlus Phone.

How to get OxygenOS updates on the OnePlus 6/5T/5/3T/3


1. Download Oxygen Updater from the Google Play Store from the above-mentioned link in your phone.

2. Once the app is installed, Open the app on your phone.

3. Note that the app may check for root access and ask for root permissions. Give all the permission to the app to check the available update for your phone.

4. Follow through the setup until you get to the main screen. If it says your device is up to date, then congrats!

5. If an update is available for your phone you will see the option to update your phone. Download it and the update will begin downloading in the background.

6. Once the downloading has completed, just tap on the notification. The app will follow through the normal update cycle: it’ll reboot, boot into recovery mode, install, then reboot again.

If you are the OnePlus users then you have to must try this tool to get the updates first on your phone. Hope this guide will help you get the latest updates on nyour phone. If you have any Question then leave the comment below we will help you to fix it up.

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