4 Best Pinterest Addons for Your Browser

Pinterest is one of the best social tool which allow you to promote your brands and Website. So today here we discuss about the Pinterest Addons for your Firefox and Chrome browser. With these free addons, Pinterest users can improve Pinterest pinning and overall Pinterest experience. All these addons allows you to share any webpage and images easily on your pinterest page without opening Pinterest web page on your browser.

Al these addon are free to use, so here are our picks of 4 best Pinterest Addons for chrome and firefox browser. Lets take a look at the add-ons:

Pinterest Addons
Pinterest Addons

List of 4 Pinterest Addon for Firefox and Google Chrome Browser

1. “Pin It” Button

Pin It Button
Pin It Button

“Pin It” Button is a bookmark tool, you can get this free tool form the Pinterest Website. Just visit this page https://pinterest.com/about/goodies/ and add the Pin it button on your bookmarks toolbar by using drag and drop feature.

To install the “Pin It” button in Chrome: Click on the Wrench Icon > Bookmarks > Show Bookmarks Bar and Drag the “Pin It” button to your Bookmarks Toolbar

To install the “Pin It” button in Firefox: Click View > Toolbars > Bookmarks Toolbar Drag the “Pin It” button to your Bookmarks Toolbar

Now you can pin any web site or image with this button.

2. Pinterest Keyboard Shortcut For Chrome Browser

Pinterest Keyboard Shortcut
Pinterest Keyboard Shortcut

One of the best Pinterest Keyboard Shortcut For Chrome Broswer, it allows you to add a shortcut to pin items on a page with a keyboard shortcut. Easy to use addon, install the addon on your Chrome browser and Use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Alt+P to pin Images or Links.

3. Pinterest Right-Click For Firefox

Pinterest Right-Click For Firefox
Pinterest Right-Click For Firefox

Another awesome Addon, but it was only available for Firefox right now. It helps you to create and upload pins to Pinterest by right-clicking. All you have to right click on the image to share it on pinterest. After the installation the addon on your Firefox browser you can see the new the Pin to Pinterest option to your right-click context menu.

4. Pingraphy for Forefox and Chrome

Schedule Your Pins on Pinterest

It works same like Pin it Button, but it also allows you to schedule your pin for future. All you have to register a free account there and you are ready to go. Must try this app to schedule your pins.

So that’s our list for 4 best Pinterest addon and tools for the pinterest users, What tools do you use for Pinterest? Share them all in the comments.

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