Reconfigure Your Computer Keyboard With KeyTweak

Ever wanted to reconfigure your windows computer keyboard keys, yes you can do it easily with the free app keytweak. Keytweak is an app which allows you to reconfigure your keyboard. With the help of this powerful app you can change the function of any of the keys to do something else.

For example you have two caps lock key in your keyboard in which the left one is used frequently and the right one is used only sometimes, with the key tweak app you can disable that key or you will change the Function of Keys without editing any registry.

Getting Started with KeyTweak

To get start with all you have to do is install the keytweak app on your windows pc, now run the app and you can see the graphical representation of your keyboard in the program window. From here you can see the each key of your keyboard in a numerical code rather than letter, and each coded button offers an action or letter that it types out.

Keytweak On Screen Window
Keytweak On Screen Window

Here you can see all the option like remap key, disable key Specialty Buttons and all. To change the configuration of the key select the number of the key from the windows and if you want to reconfigure it then choose new remapping option or want to disable that key permanently choose the disable option and hit the apply button.

Changing the Function of Keys
Changing the Function of Keys

To apply all these changes on your windows PC, you will need to restart your computer. After that you can enjoy all these new changes in your keyboard without makin changes in registry. And yes to get your keyboard back to its usual state, just hit the Restore All Defaults button on the app.

Overall, KeyTweak is one of the best and easiest way to remaps or reconfigure your keyboard keys while minimizing user effort and system resource use.

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