Redmi 1s Dead or Bricked – Guide to Fix it

If you recently bought the Xiaomi Redmi 1s and due to some reasons your phone is dead or bricked and don’t know how to solve this problem and how to start the Redmi 1s again from dead state. Don’t worry here is the 100% working guide which you can follow on you phone and keep it alive. There are so many reason when you device is bricked like updating the ROM, installing the recovery or by mistake deleted some system files. One your phone is dead it will not boot and you can install the ROM form the update method. So to solve this issue you nee to use the fastboot method and install the Full MIUI ROM on your device.

Few day we posted the same article for the Xiaomi Mi3 and Mi 4 users and this guide is also same but in this you have to use the Fastboot ROM Files for Redmi 1S WCDMA. So without wasting the time lets take a look how to flash the FULL rom on Redmi 1s with Mi Flash Tool.

Redmi 1s Dead or Bricked - Guide to Fix it

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Flash Redmi 1s ROM With MI Flash Tool

To get started you need a windows PC, MI Flash Tool to flash the Full ROM package and the Redmi 1s ROM zip file. Once you have all these you can unbrick you phone easily. The guide is pretty simple and take a few minutes to complete the task.

Step 1. Download the MI Flash tool here and install the same on your windows desktop.

Step 2. Download the Full Fastboot MIUI Rom for Redmi 1S WCDMA here and save the file on your desktop.

Once you have these files, read the rest of guide here and follow the step between 3 to 9.

Once the ROM is flashed on your device your phone will reboot and now running on the MIUI. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us, leave the comments below.

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30 thoughts on “Redmi 1s Dead or Bricked – Guide to Fix it”

  1. I tried to reboot my redmi 1s but its not moving from fastboot page it stays there for an hour I don’t know what’s wrong please mail me soon

  2. @Vijay… You booted your device in Fastboot mode, that the reason your phone stuck in that screen. Press On/Off button hard and you mobile will went off and again on it.

  3. Hi, I had accidentally deleted the ‘AntHalService.apk and AntHalService.odex’ files in my RedMi 1S.
    Now phone is showing loading launcher and I cant use the mobile. So flashing to other roms will help?

    Please help me.

  4. Hi Sidharth, Does it work for erased IMEI as well?

    I have read in many forums that it is necessary to backup EFS folder before trying out custom ROMs (prevention is better than cure 🙂 ). I am just not able to find an option to back up efs for Redmi 1s. I was trying using TWRP v2.8.0.1.

  5. hey i was just wondering how long this process will take, i have waited for like 30 mins and it is stuck on some fastboot flash misc thing

  6. sir i’ve put the file in C drive and tried this 3-6 times and unspecified error is coming every time , i was thinking that may be i’ve downloaded the wrong Rom may be you should suggest me the correct option . I’ve downloaded “JHCCNBF36.0?4.3? 608M ” this rom from the site is that ok ?

  7. [000011D8]CreateManagedObject(1261): Unspecified error(0x80131604)
    [000011D8]GetFactoryObject(1305): Unspecified error(0x80131604)
    [000011D8]CreateManagedObject(1261): Unspecified error(0x80131604)
    [000011D8]GetFactoryObject(1305): Unspecified error(0x80131604)
    [000011D8]GetFactoryObject(1326): The specified service does not exist.(0x800704db)
    [000011D8]GetSearchPath(1381): The specified service does not exist.(0x800704db)
    [00000F6C]aaefb212 0.00 execute C:\ProgramData\armani_images_JHCCNBF36.0_4.3_cn\flash_all_except_storage.bat
    [00000F6C]aaefb212 0.03
    [00000F6C]aaefb212 0.03 $fastboot -s aaefb212 getvar product 2>&1 | findstr /r /c:”^product: *MSM8226″ || echo Missmatching image and device
    [00000F6C]aaefb212 0.03 ‘findstr’ is not recognized as an internal or external command,
    [00000F6C]aaefb212 0.03 operable program or batch file.
    [00000F6C]aaefb212 0.03
    [00000F6C]CScriptReport::DoWork(418): Unspecified error(0xffffff01)
    [00000F6C]GetFactoryObject(1326): The specified service does not exist.(0x800704db)
    [00000F6C]SaveFlashResult(1347): The specified service does not exist.(0x800704db)

    these error are coming

  8. @Gyan

    In my Mi3 i also face the same probe. Thn i followed these steps. Put the rom file in C:/ and uses the flash_all.bat option in Advanced > fastboot script option and the problem is solved.

  9. @GYAN why dont you try JHCCNBF45.0 instead of JHCCNBF36.0 , just a suggestion for you,
    cuz im myself stuck in a very tragic stuation i deleted trebuchet i.e. the main launcher, so my phone is dead,
    now im downloading latest rom, it will finish in 30 more minutes then i will flash it
    as given by sidharth sir,
    agar theek ho gaya :'( to bohot khush ho jaunga :'(
    warna aaj to gaya mai,

  10. i was trying to update to JHCCNBF45.0
    and now i guess my phone is dead..
    just ‘MI’ is displayed on the screen
    help me out what to do.
    urgent.. plz

  11. it doesn’t work for my MI,
    i tired many fastboot rom , its same
    maybe it just for MI bootloop,

    any other solved?

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