Remove Ads From Gmail With Gmelius Extension

Gmail is one of the best free email service from Google, but all of us know that nothing comes free in this world. Gmail is free service but its interface is full of clutter like ads and more. Most of the user like us don’t like those advertisements in Gmail, or just want to get rid of those Ads.

Gmelius is a free extension available for Chrome, Firefox and Opera. Which allows you to strip the Gmail interface of distractions, including ads and more. With this free extension you can get the better and clean Gmail Inbox. It has lots of feature which allows you to customize navigation icons, remove Advertisement and much more. All you have to install the free extension on your browser.

Remove Ads From Gmail With Gmelius

How to Remove Ads From Gmail

Download and Install Gmelius Extension on your browser (Chrome, Firefox and Opera) and enable it to get started. After that go to your Addon page and Hit the option button on Gmelius Extension to customize the setting of the Addon.

Gmelius Addon Option Button
Gmelius Addon Option Button

On the settings page there are lots of option which allows your customize the look of your Gmail Inbox. To remove the ads from the Gmail Inbox enable the “Remove Ads from your Gmail” option. There are lots of options here, so you’ll have to take time to read them and making sure you understand what gets changed or removed.

Gmelius Features
Gmelius Features

After enabling the Remove Ads option, reload the Gmail inbox to see the changes. Now all your Gmail ads are removed from the Inbox. See the screenshot below:-

Gmail Ads Before and After
Gmail Ads Before and After

The addon has lots of feature like:-

1. Make Gmail header auto-expandable

2. Customize Gmail navigation icons

3. Add attachment Icons

4. Remove Chat

5. Make the Google logo clickable

6. Regain some space in your inbox

7. Move emails labels from the left to the right of your inbox

Gmelius Extension is one of the best addon, which provides a better and cleaner Gmail inbox. It’s a must have extension for all Gmail users in my opinion.

Download Gmelius Extension here

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