This Is How I Removed the Crapware/Unwanted Apps on Windows New PC

Most of the new windows PC or Laptops comes with lots of pre-installed applications. These could include applications like DVD/CD burners, Toolbars, Gallery, Media Centers, Games, Utilities and all. Some of them are useful and some of them are crap and take most of the space on your Windows Drive and slow the performance of your windows PC. You can uninstall all these application easily from the Control panel feature of the Windows Machine, but It doesn’t tell you what a program does and which of them are useful. Today, In this guide we’ll show you a small tool called Should I Remove It?, which allows you to scans your computer for all its’ installed programs and let you know which of them are good to remove and how many Should I Remove It users uninstalled that particular program.

This program is helpful to all those user who recently bought the new PC or laptop. All these new machines are full of Bloatware and trialware applications. Let’s take a look how to app works on the PC and how to uninstall the unwanted app form the new computers.

Remove Unwanted App from Windows PC

How to remove unwanted PC programs

The application is free to download and works on all the Windows machines like Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8. Download the app on your desktop from the home page or you will find the download link at the end of this guide. Once the application is install;ed on your PC, run the app from your desktop, it will show you a simple list of every program installed on your PC. See the screenshot below:-

List OF unwanted Apps

In the list you will see all the apps which are installed on your PC, Click any of the app from the list and you will see the rating of the app and how many percentage users removed the app from their windows PC.

Should I Remove it

If you don’t know what the app does and want to know more about the application, then click on the “What is it” Button from the list and this will open a new page on your browser window and will provide you all the details of the app about what that PC utility you recently installed actually does.

Should I Remove it App info

Once you decide to remove a program, you can uninstall it directly inside from the application screen, just click on the uninstall button and the app will remove the selected apps from your Windows PC. One of the best way to find all the unwanted and crap apps on the PC.

Download Should I Remove It Windows App here

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