Tweak To Download Facebook Videos Without Using Any Apps

Few days back one our reader asked us a question “How to download Facebook video on desktop without installing any third party application or without using any online tool?” We all know that in Facebook we will find lots of videos, music videos and interesting video clips which are shared by most of the Facebook members and friends. Bit on the Facebook video page we can’t find any option to download those video on desktop to watch it later on the desktop. Now no need to worry anymore, today we are sharing a new tweak which allows you to download your favorite video for free by making a few clicks and without using any software. No need to download any third party tool to download the video on your desktop. The tweak is pretty simple and take on 1 minute to download your video. We tested this tweak on our Google chrome browser and it works fine without any problem.

So lets take a look How to Download Facebook Videos for free without using and installing some third party software’s on your desktop.

Download Facebook Videos

With this tweak you will download any video from your Facebook timeline or from nay Facebook brand page. All you have to make some change on the URL of the facebook and within a few click you will save the video on your desktop.

First step is find the video which you want to save and check the URL of the video. You can find the direct link of the video on the same page, click on the date of the video to open the video on the new tab. See the screenshot below:-

Facebook Video Link

Now the video will open in the new page, in the address bar of the Google Chrome browser you will see the full URL of the video. See the example below:-

From this above mention URL all you hvae to is change above url to the mobile version url. To do this replace the ‘www‘ with ‘m‘ and hit the enter to open the new URL on your browser. See the the example below:-

Now you will see the mobile version page on your Google Chrome browser with the Facebook video.

Facebook Video Mobile Version

From this new page play video and watch it for 5-10 second and then pause the video to follow the next step. Now Right Click on the video player, From here click on the “Save Video As” option to save the video on your desktop.

Facebook Save Video As Link

Now your video is saved on your desktop. This is the simple and quickest way to download the Facebook video on your desktop without using any online tool or application. If you are looking for more Facebook tips and guide, do check our Facebook section here.

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