How to Use ADB Sideload to Install OxygenOS 3.2.1 OTA on Oneplus 3 Phone

OxygenOS 3.2.1 OTA update is now available for the Oneplus 3 users. To check the OTA update on your phone, go to Setting and System updates. If you can can’t see the OTA update on your phone then you can use this method to Install OxygenOS 3.2.1 OTA on Oneplus 3 Phone with ADB Sideload Method. Why ADB Sideload Method? As you all know that the phone is encrypted and in stock recovery, you can’t see any option like “Install Form Local” or “Install From SD”. Only you can see the “Install From ADB”. So here you have to use the ADB sideload command to Install OxygenOS 3.2.1 OTA on Oneplus 3 Phone. This guide is for those Oneplus 3 Users who are in Stock Recovery. If you are the rooted user with TWRP recovery, read this guide to update your phone with OxygenOS 3.2.1 without LOSING DATA.

This method is only for the OnePlus 3 with Stock Recovery users. Follow all the below-mentioned steps correctly otherwise; you may brick your device. I am not responsible for any damage to your device, please ensure that your device is at least 60% charged to prevent the accidental shutdown in-between the update process.

Install OxygenOS 3.2.1

Install OxygenOS 3.2.1 OTA on Oneplus 3 with ADB Sideload

Step 1. Download ADB/Fastboot file to sideload the OxygenOS 3.2.1 OTA. Install it from here and you will see the ADB folder on your Windows C Drive (C:/ADB).

Step 2. Download the appropriate OTA from below mention link and save it to the ADB folder that you created above in Step 1.
OxygenOS 3.1.0 -> OxygenOS 3.2.1
OxygenOS 3.1.1 -> OxygenOS 3.2.1
OxygenOS 3.1.2 -> OxygenOS 3.2.1
OxygenOS 3.1.3 -> OxygenOS 3.2.1
OxygenOS 3.2.0 -> OxygenOS 3.2.1

Step 3. Now rename the OTA zip file to

Step 4. Boot your phone in recovery mode. To do this Switch off your phone and Hold Volume down + Power Button.

Step 5. Once you are on the Stock Recovery. Select “Install from ADB.

Step 6. Now go to your desktop and Open the ADB folder where you saved the file and opened the command terminal window. To do this shift + right click anywhere within that folder, select open command prompt here.

Step 7. Type the following command:

adb sideload

Step 8. If your ADB is working properly, you should see the file transfer to your device in ADB.

Step 9. Once that finishes, your device will begin to update, Once it has finished, simply reboot and enjoy the update.

Now your Oneplus 3 is running on the Latest OxygenOS 3.2.1 update.

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