10 Important Tips to Increase Your Smartphone Battery Life

“How to improve the battery life of Android or iOS smartphone” and “How to save Battery power on Mobile” these are some of the question every smartphone user asking all the time. These day all the latest mobile devices are packed with powerful OS like Android, iOS, Window etc. All these smartphone has lots of feature which most of the mobile users are using on their smartphone like games, music, camera, Internet, emails, video and lots more. Using these awesome features on smartphone takes a heavy toll on your smartphone battery life. Most of the smartphone users are facing the same batter problems on their devices and complaining about it on the internet. But with some simple tips and tricks you will improve the battery performance of your smartphone. Here are a
few things you can do to extend the battery life of your Android Device. Al the tips are simple, all you have to make some little changes on your Android, Windows, iOS Devices and after that you will see the difference on your mobile.

Here are 10 Important Tips to Increase Your Smartphone Battery Life

1. Backlight Less Bright

Backlight Less Bright

Your phone’s back light is one of the biggest battery drains. Set it to the minimum. Doing so may do wonders to your battery life in the long run.

2. Screen Timeout

Screen Timeout

All the smartphone has big screen these days and it consumes lots of battery power. If you want to save some battery power then minimize the power consumption of your mobile screen display.

3. Disable WiFi and Bluetooth When not in use

Disable Wifi and Bluetooth

Sure suing Wifi is quicker, but turn it off when not in use. Searching for Wifi Signals eats up lots of battery of your smartphone. Same happens with Bluetooth, It really sinks its teeth into your battery life.

3. Charge Fully Discharge Fully

Charge Fully Discharge Fully

Charge Fully, Discharge Fully and repeat always. Follow this routine to get the most out of your smartphone battery life.

4. Turn Off Key Tap Vibration

Turn Off Key Tap Vibration

This eats lots of battery when your typing any email or messages on your phone. Turn it off from your smartphone keyboard settings.

5. Location, Location and Location

Turn Off GPS

Lots of widgets and application like twitter, Foursquare apps uses GPS and Geolocation feature of your mobile and eats lots of battery. Disable them when not needed or Turn off the GPS feature on your device.

6. Push, Not Sync

Disable Auto Sync

Some app are set to sync on a regular basis. Disable auto sync on your device and use the manual refresh option on your smartphones.

7. Spring Clean

Remove Unwanted Apps

Get rid all of the unwanted application which you don’t use on your device, Most of these application are running on the background of your phone and eat lots of power of your device.

8. Switching Off your Phone when Not in Use

Switch Off Mobile

Most of the time when you are in some meeting, on flight or some other place where you can able to pick up the phone, then witch off you device for sometime to save the battery life of your device. This will save more battery than leaving it on sleep or inactive mode.

9. Upload and Sync Only on WiFi

Upload and Sync Only on WiFi

If you use mobile cloud service like Dropbox, Box or any other cloud service on your smartphone to sync files, make sure you set them to run on WiFi only.

10. Use Widgetized Power Controls

Use Widgetized Power Controls

Use Android device inbuilt power widget to easily toggle off Bluetooth, WiFi, Data Connection, Screen brightness and GPS.

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  1. Why “Upload and Sync Only on WiFi” ???
    Enabling WiFi has to use more power than disabling WiFi.

    4G is actually faster than my WiFi, so the upload should also take less time.

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