25+ Best MIUI 8 Tips You Should Know Before Using Xiaomi Phone

As most of the Android guys know that Xiaomi phone runs on the MIUI user interface. And MIUI is based on the Android operating system and used in all the Smartphones and tablets from Xiaomi. These Days Xiaomi phone are selling like hotcakes. So here today we came up with a new guide in which we are sharing some of the best MIUI 8 Tips and Tricks for the Xiaomi phone users. Most of these MIUI 8 tips are new, and many of Mi phone lovers don’t know these tips. With these Simple Xiaomi Tips and tricks and you can do lots of tasks easily on your MIUI phone. These tips will work on any Xiaomi phone which is running on the MIUI; We tested these tips on Our Redmi Note 4 and Redmi Note 3 and all of them working fine.

All these tips will work on any MIUI 8 ROM, whether ist Global, Chinese, Developer or Beta ROM. So without wasting your time, let’s get started and learn these new MIUI tips. Try all of them one by one on your phone and let use know which one you like most.

Best MIUI 8 Tips

Best MIUI 8 Tips for Xiaomi Phone Users

1.Run Dual Apps like Whatsapp and Instagram

Dual Apps MIUI

Looking for a way to run two Whatsapp Account or Facebook account on your MIUI phone. Yes, you can do this easily with Dual App feature. Where you can create two accounts on the same device.

To enable this, go to Settings > Dual Apps and select the apps for which you want to make another account.

2. Record All Calls on MIUI phone

Record All Calls on MIUI phone

Do you know that You MIUI phone has the inbuilt feature to record call Automatically? All you have to enable this feature in your phone settings. Go to your phone settings and search ‘call recording’ in setting search bar. Tap on “Record calls automatically”.

You also have an option to record all numbers and selected numbers.

3. Take Long screen shot on MIUI Phone

Take long screenshot

Sometimes you need to take a Long Screen of any web page. You can also do this easily on your phone. First, take a screen shot by pressing Volume down + power button. Now open it from top corner and tap on the scroll option at the bottom and scroll down to take a long screenshot.

4. Shake to arrange icons on your Home screen

Shake to Arrange Icons

Now you can arrange icons in a row on your screen with a shake. Tap & hold in the empty field of your home screen. Shake your phone & see the magic.

5. Flip your phone to silence the Ringer

Flip to silence ringer

Another awesome feature to silent your phone. To enable this go to dialer >menu >incoming call settings >enable ‘Flip to silence ringer.’

6. App Lock

You can easily lock any application on your phone with this feature. To enable this Go to security app> tap on ”app lock” it will ask you pattern or pass. Now select the application which you want to lock on your MIUI phone.

7. Second Space

This is one of the main features which was introduced by Xiaomi with the MIUI 8, and it is called the Second Space. It allows you to create a private profile separately within your device.

You can use this as your private work profile when you are at work, etc. Go to setting >Second Space

Once you turn on this feature, it will ask you to set a new password for your private space.

This way you quickly secure your data on the go, and you don’t have to worry about anyone else getting hands on them.
Once the second space has been created, an icon will pop up on your home screen for which you can switch back.

8. Quick Ball feature

Quick Ball

Another Cool Feature on MIUI 8 phones. Go to Settings > Additional Settings > Quick ball > Turn on quick ball.

Also, you can customize the option as your need.

9. Mi Mover to transfer data

MI Mover

With this feature, you can move contacts, messages, photos, music, videos, documents, installed apps, and other data to Other Xiaomi phone.

10. Automated task on Your phone

Automated task

Open security app on your phone and in tools tab Tap on ”Automated task” You can simply enable that feature as you want.

You can also add more task by using ” + ” button.

11. Control TV, ACs, DVD Player with MI remote

Mi remote

One of my fav application in the Xiaomi phone. No need to carry all you remotes. You can add all your remotes in this simple app. With this Mi remote app, you can configure almost any TV, A/V receiver, DVD player, AC, Set-top box, Projector or Camera.

12. Use Fingerprint Sensor to take Selfies

Use Fingerprint Sensor to take Selfies

Sometimes it impossible to take best selfies with one hand, you need to stretch your thumb to press the capture button. Now yuou can take selfies easily by using the back fingerprint sensor on your phone. No need to make any change on your phone it works out of the box.

It works with any finger you tap on the sensor, not just with those configured.

13. Clean unwanted files with Deep Clean

Deep Clean

Clear unimportant data from apps and all unwanted files with one click. For using this feature open security app and click on ” Deep Clean ” option.

14. Customize Navigation Button

Customize Navigation Button

In MIUI 8 you can customize the navigation button as per your need. And change the settings and layout of the buttons. You can find all these options by going to Settings> Additional Settings> Buttons.

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15. Launch Camera App Quickly

Launch Camera App Quickly

You can launch the camera app on your phone with the help of Volume button. To enable this option go to Settings> Lock screen & password and enable the Launch camera option.

16. Pocket mode

Pocket mode

Turn on Pocket mode to stop answering or rejecting calls accidentally when your phone is in your pocket.

Settings> Lock screen & password >advance setting

Turn on pocket mode.

17. Change Notifiaction Colors

Change Notifiaction Colors

Another amazing feature in MIUI 8 phone. You can change the notification LED colors on your phone. Go to Settings, tap Additional Settings > Notification light.
Here, you can set a different light color for normal, call and message notifications.

18. Disable the navigation buttons while playing games

Want to disable the navigation buttons temporarily while playing games? Open the Toggle panel from the top of the screen.

Tap in >> Buttons << to disable or enable the navigation buttons. If you can find Buttons on the Toggle panel, go to the device’s Settings > Notifications & status bar > Toggle positions, then tap and drag the Buttons toggle above the active bar.

19. Double tap screen to wake

Recently MIUI team added this new feature on most of the phones. To enable this feature go to your device Settings>tap on Display>Turn on Double tap screen to wake.

20. Transfer file between your phone and computer using FTP

Transfer file between your phone and computer using FTP

Do you know that MIUI 8 has inbuilt FTP feature to transfer files. Open the Explorer app. On the Categories tab, tap FTP > Start server.

Once the FTP server is started, you can use an FTP client on your computer, for transfer your files.

21. Remove an alarm automatically

Remove an alarm automatically

You can automatically remove alarm from your phone. If there’s an alarm that you want only for one time, then you can turn on the Delete after goes off option in the alarm settings. For remove this alarm automatically.

22. Add Lock toggle button on Screen

No need to press the Power button again and again to lock your phone. Pinch in your home screen using 2 fingers.

Tap on Widgets > Toggles, then find the Lock button & drag to your Home screen.

23. Use your phone with one hand

Use your phone with one hand

MIUI 8 has the feature One handed mode, which allows you to use your Big phone with one hand. Simply swipe from the Home button to either the Back or Recent button,
you’ll get a menu, and set it as you want.
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24. Flash alert when ringing

Flash alert when ringing

To enable this feature Go to dialer > menu> incoming call setting> turn on Flash when ringing.

25. Hide your Files

Hide your Files

No need to install any third party app to hide files on your phone. Open explorer app drag down to access the hidden folders
put a password and select file that you want to hide.

26. Block incoming calls

Block incoming calls

If you want to block all the calls and sms then follow this. Open dialer, tap on Menu button > blocklist> turn on

Tap on rules. Now tap and set >> Block everything

Video Guide of the MIUI 8 Tips and tricks

These are some of the best MIUI 8 Tips and tricks which you can use daily on your Xiaomi phones. Hope you like these tips for more tips like our Facebook page. If you want to share some more tip with our reader, then add some tips in comments and let us know which one is your favorite MIUI 8 Tips.

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