6 Tips to Speed Up Windows 8 Boot Time

No need to spend extra money on RAM to speed the Windows 8 Boot time or Windows 8 Startup time, you can do this easily with some tips ans tricks. All you have to make some changes on your Windows 8 PC such as stop unnecessary programs and services from running whenever you start your PC and some other changes too. With this way you can speed up windows 8 Boot time. If you are facing some other problems on your PC such as slow PC performance, slow hard disk performance etc. Then read our previous articles 6 Ways to Speed up your PC Performance, How to improve the Speed of Windows 8 Hard Disk With These apps and 7 Ways to Speed Up Your Computer.

Lets come to the point, the main reason of slow start up time of Boot time are too many programs and services that are ruining at the windows 8 start up and many programs and services running simultaneously can bog down your CPU and hog your memory. All you have to stop some of these service to run on the startup to speed the boot time of your Windows PC. Follow the step below one by one to stop these services.

Speed Up Windows 8 Boot Time

How to speed up Windows 8 Boot time

In this post I will show you how to speed up Windows 8 Boot time, disabling unnecessary applications.

1. Clean up Start Up Folder

Lets start with cleaning the start up folder from Windows 8 PC. GO to the C:\Users\\\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup. From here delete the shortcuts of any programs you don’t want to run on startup. From here you are deleting the shortcut no the application, with this way you can disable that app to run at the boot time of your Windows 8.

2. Clean Up Services from Task Manager

There are lots of hidden programs and services are running on your windows, which are the main cause of slow boot up process. To disable all these unused and unwanted service go to the Windows 8 Task Manager, Press press Ctrl+Alt+Del and select Task Manager from your Windows 8 Screen. Now you are on the Task Bar Windows, from here click on the Start up tab, here you can find the list of program and service which are running at the start up time of Windows 8. From this screen you can see the impact on startup is Low, Medium, or High. From here disable all those services that you don’t want to run at the startup, in the screen shot below you can see the program like Google drive and Drop box are ruuning at the start up time. So am here disabling both of them to run at start up of Windows.

Disable Start up Apps
Disable Start up Apps

Some time you don’t have any clue what an app does. At that moment right click on the app and hit the search online option to know more about the file or app. With this way you can get the full information about that service or app. stop them from this list.

Search Online
Search Online

3. Update Your Windows

Always update your windows, Sometime some video drivers or system drivers are outdated. These are main reasons of slow performance of the PC . So always update your Windows with the Windows Update feature. Read how to Update your Windows 8 here.

4. Keep Your Antivirus Running and Up to Date

Sometimes some infected file or malware are the main reason of slow boot time of Windows 8 PC. Always update you PC with the latest antivirus software and scan the PC monthly with antivirus application. You can find some of the best Antivirus application for Windows 8 here.

5. Shutting Off Services That Run at Startup

There are lots of service are running on your Windows 8 background, Many of these services launch automatically at startup. Although you need many of them, but some of them you don’t required and can slow down your system when they run in the background. To stop all these type of services open the run box on your Windows 8 type services.msc and hit enter or you can search the same from the Windows 8 start screen. Here you can find the list of service which are running at the background of your Windows 8 PC. Look for the services that you don’t want to run on the background and stop them from this list.

Stop Services in Windows 8
Stop Services in Windows 8

Note that some services can’t be stopped while the system is running. You’ll have to set them to “manual” and reboot to see the effect of turning them off.

6. Turn on Fast Start up in Windows 8

Turn on Fast Start Up Windows 8
Turn on Fast Start Up Windows 8

It’s a new feature in Windows 8 which helps you to speed up the start up time of Windows 8, to enable it go to your Control panel and select the power option, from here select the “Choose what the power buttons do” option. On this page you can see the feature Turn on Fast Start up, enable that feature in your Windows 8 to speed the boot up time.

So these are the some of the best tips to shorten your Windows 8 computer’s boot time. If you have any of your own favorite tweaks, share them with us in the comments. For more Windows 8 Tips and Trick, click here!

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