Access your Android Mobile on the web with Androidonweb

Androidonweb is free to use app for android mobile phone which allows you to access your android phone on the web, anywhere, anytime. With the help of this free app you can access your photo gallery, SMS messages, contacts and your phone’s location on the web. This one is the fastest and easiest way to access your android mobile phone on the web.

To start this all you need to install Androidonweb android app on your mobile phone and access and login using your already existing Google Account. After loging into you can find and edit what you’re looking for easier and faster. You can easily and fastly filter and sort Text Messages, Contacts, Gallery, Call or Location History. With the help of androidonweb you will automatically be able to access, view and edit your phone data such as Contacts, Call log, SMS and MMS, Media Gallery, Ringtones and your Personal Phone Settings, directly from your Computer! Easy, fast and reliable!

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Some of the best features of Androidonweb App:-

1. Contacts: Helps you to manage your phone contacts from the web browser, you can edit and save them easily.

2. Text Messages: Using will allow you to increase your communication speed. You can send, read and manage text messages

3. Call History: With the help of app you can view, filter, manage your call history.

4. Gallery: Use the gallery tab to browse all your pictures and directories from the galley folder.

5. Location: Helps you track and locate your phone on Google Maps.

Download Androidonweb app from here

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  1. I could see having desktop SMS be useful but there are some other standalone apps for that I think. I’m not certain that I would use most of the other features. For me, my phone book is anywhere the web is as it’s my contact book in gmail. Really fun though to see how far along these apps are progressing and how unified our experience will one day be across multiple platforms.

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