All About Facebook – How To, Tips, Security Guide

Facebook is one of the leading social networking site with over 300 million users. Recently Facebook has added lots of new features to improving it. Some Of them are Facebook List, Ticker, New Timeline and all. So today we created a Facebook Guide here, a complete collection of resources to help you master Facebook.

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1. FaceBook Smart List Everything You Need to Know

Facebook list is one of the new feature in facebook which allows you to create friends and family list. It’s similar like Google+ circles, but Facebook Smart list automatically group your friends based on your profile and your friend’s profile.

2. How To Remove FaceBook Ticker in Firefox, Google Chrome

Ticker is new feature above the chat bar on right hand side which lets users to see their friends updates instantly on the top side of the chat sidebar. But most of the users don,t like this new feature, so from here you can learn how to remove Facebook ticker from sidebar.

3. How To Recover Hacked Facebook Account

Here is the Guide which helps you to recover your Hacked Facebook Account.

4. How to Enable Facebook Timeline Feature

Facebook new Timeline feature, gives your profile page a new outfit. Timeline mean’s “The story of your life on a single Facebook page.”

5. How To Update Facebook Via Email

If you are regular user of Facebook and Facebook is blocked in your office, with this guide you can update your Facebook Status via email. So without Browsing Facebook you can update it with a email.

6. How To Block Friends on Facebook

Let’s face it everyone of us have one or two annoying friends and now you want to block those friends, so they can,t see your post or photos on your Facebook Profile. Yes you can do it easily with blocking them in Facebook.

7. How To Permanently Delete Your Facebook Account

Here is the Guide which will help you to permanently delete your Facebook account. But remember one thing, once you delete your Facebook account all your Facebook information will be gone forever.

8. How To Turn Off Facebook Chat Alerts

9. Copy Photos Between Facebook & Google+ With Primadesk

With the help of primadesk you can copy your photos between Facebook and Google+ or any other account like Flickr, Orkut, MySpace, Dropbox, Photobucket.

10. Move Your Facebook Photos To Google+ with Fotolink

11. How To Get Facebook Video Calling

Recently Facebook announced a new Skype-powered video-chat service, which allows you to video chat with your friends and groups.

12. How To Add Facebook Friends Into Google Plus

13. How to Add Symbols on Facebook Status

With this simple trick you can add Symbols on Facebook Status. This symbols are not part of the Facebook, they are only symbols which can be inserted using our keyboard, just like any other letter or symbol.

14. How to Download all your Facebook Data

15. Tips to Avoid Facebook Scams

Here are some tips which will help you Avoid Facebook Scams

16. How to secure your Facebook account

17. Useful Facebook Keyboard Shortcuts

18. How to Create a Facebook Fan Pages

19. How to Delete a Facebook Fan Page

20. Scan Facebook Suspicious Links & Users With Norton Safe Web

Norton Safe Web is a Facebook app that scans your current news feeds to see if they contain links that are unsafe for you or your friends to click on. It free and easy to use.

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