Connect Your Android Device to PC Without USB Cable – Pushbullet

In our previous articles we showed how to transfer android data wirelessly with software data cable app and Android Files to PC Without USB Cable. Today we found a new application called Pushbullet, which allows you to get things from your computer onto your phone or from your phone onto your computer without using you USB cable. Works on nay android device and supported with Firefox and Google chrome browser. With the helps of this free application you can easily send links, pictures, files, lists, notes, and more right into your phone’s notification tray or directly from your browser to you phone.

To use this application all you need a wifi or internet connection, pushbullet app installed on your android device and your PC. Once the application is installed on your devices, you can
send anything to friends/family. Let’s take a look how the app works on the android devices.

Connect Your Android Device to PC Without USB Cable

How to Use Pushbullet app to Send anything on Android or PC

Visit the site here and install the Google chrome extension or Firefox ad-don on your PC. Once addon is installed, all you have to use your Google account to Signup the app. Use the same Google account which you are using on your android devices.

Connect Pushbullet With Your Google Account

After this download and install the Pushbullet android app on your device. You will find the download link at the end of this tutorial. Now run the application and select the Google Account form the main screen which you used to Signup the Pushbullet account above. Now your PC and device is connected wirelessly and ready to send and receive files. To start the sharing the files from android to PC, click on the Push button from top right corner of the application and now select the file which you want to send your PC. From here you can send Links, Notes, Address, List, Pictures or attach any files. See the Screenshot below:-

Pushbullet Android App

To send the Files from your PC, open the browser in which you install the addon and click on the Pushbullet icon from the Top right corner of the browser toolbar and select the device in which you want to send the files.

PushBullet Firefox Addon

One of the best application to send and receive files on android without using any cable or wires. The communication works two ways, so you can easily exchange some messages with your friends.

Download Pushbullet Android App here

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  1. Thanks. It is really very good. At present I am using DroidAir which is very fine. But its interface is somewhat confusing. Compared to that this Pushbullet is very simple to use even though it is a bit slow than DroidAir. Anyhow it is very good and satisfactory.

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