Create Windows 8 Metro Tile Icons With OblyTile

If your are a Windows 8 Users and want to create awesome tile icons for your Windows 8 Screen, you must to try OblyTile freeware app. The app allows you to create tiles for your favorites apps easily, all you have to do is run the app on your desktop and you can create tiles for the windows 8 start screen. With this app you can choose the background picture for the app and customize the tiles with any icon or background color you want.

With this way you can add more colors on your Windows 8 Start screen and add your favorite apps on start screen. OblyTile lets you create your own tiles for desktop applications, shortcuts, folders—seemingly anything.

Windows 8 Tiles
Windows 8 Tiles

Run the app on your Windows 8 desktop, no need to install the app on your PC. After that you can see a simple user interface, in which you can see the option like select a program, file, shortcut or folder you’d like to make a tile for and select a large and small image for the tile.


Here you can select the app which you want to use as a tile on your Windows 8 Start screen and give the name to app and select the background image, color from the option to create a tile for Windows 8. If you don’t like seeing the tile names, you can choose to Hide Tile Name by ticking the box.

Oblytile Options
Oblytile Options

After filling all these details hit the Save Tile button from the bottom of the app and your tiles is created and pined it on your Windows 8 Start screen. Now you can see the new tile on your Windows 8 Start Screen.

The app also give you the option to manage all the created tiles, so you can edit them in future. Just click on the tile name that you created and you can change the tile name and image, or update the program path of the tiles you have made.

Manage Windows 8 TIles
Manage Windows 8 Tiles

With this way you can add power option loke Shutdown, Restart, Log off on your windows 8 Start screen and manage them easily with the helps of free OblyTile app. So go ahead and create your first custom tile with the helps of OblyTile app.

Download OblyTile For Windows 8

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